I am making 2018 my personal year for philanthropy.

Would you like to help me? It’s easy! When you get a tarot reading with me to support your inner vision you will also be supporting an outer humanitarian vision. Every time you purchase a tarot reading, I will donate 20% of what I earn from the reading to a nonprofit business. I will choose a new nonprofit with each new moon and I will offer them a financial contribution at the end of the moon cycle.

I have this belief that everyone should have access well beyond the basic necessities of clean air, water, food, and shelter. People should have access to an abundant and happy life. Can we agree everyone deserves to feel healthy, happy, and fulfilled? I am just one puzzle piece in this larger human puzzle, but with your help we can complete this puzzle and our combined effort can make a huge difference to others. 

My motivation is to help others gain access to the necessary building blocks for a successful life. If you are a nonprofit with a humanitarian focus and you would like to collaborate on a fund-raising mission contact me using the contact form below.


Phone: (503)233-7064


If you have an questions fill out the contact form below.