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My name is Traci Goodrich and I have been an apprentice of the tarot for more than 20 years. Drawn to the tarot since childhood, I purchased my first deck and a book about “fortune telling” from a small bookshop in Downeast Maine. I spent years devouring every book I could find on the topic of tarot plying my craft in secret before I practiced on anyone other than myself.

Being from a small town pre-Internet, tarot felt like a “hidden mystery”. I didn’t know any professional tarot readers and I didn’t have anyone to model. I thought that reading tarot cards was something very personal and I was secretive about the skills I was developing on my own.

At the age of 20, I moved to New Orleans by myself with a backpack, a tarot deck and $100 in my pocket. This move was life-changing for me. It was my first experience seeing professional tarot readers and psychics at work “outside of the box” of a metaphysical shop or country fair ground. I saw tarot readers plying their craft in coffee shops and on the streets. It blew my mind and I knew one day that I would be a professional tarot reader.

I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1998 and made it my home. Living in Portland, Oregon I finally came out of the tarot closet and into my own as a professional reader. I started as a serious tarot hobbyist getting paid to read tarot at bachelorette parties and street fairs and moved on to do tarot readings in public locations hand-selecting area businesses I enjoyed going to and where I had established friendly community connections.


As a tarot reader, I use a combination of methods to interpret the cards based on the belief in free will. I’ve always believe that life is all about the choices you make and your ability to choose how you respond to the situations life presents is what makes your life your own.

Tarot readings with me are a collaborative process; if you are willing, I can be used as a vehicle to help in any situation. People describe me as positive and pragmatic, and a dash of the unknown accompanies every tarot reading.

I have yet to categorize the experience of receiving information from a source I cannot identify or explain and that comes from a very different source than intuition, but I do know this: The unknown is what keeps us all on our toes and it is the unexplained that keeps me reading tarot and what will keep you coming back for more.

As a tarot reader, my job is to clarify options and assist you on your path. as the Charioteer, you have the reigns in your own hands and you are in control of your own fate as you turn the Wheel of destiny with the informed choices and decisions you make.


Phone: (503)233-7064

Email: tarotforthetimes@gmail.com

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One of my taro residencies is a great place to get to know my style as tarot reader and it is in a social atmosphere. Plus, you might decide you want to have a party at one of the locations!

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