My intention as a tarot reader is to help my clients find the answers to the questions they ask. That said, I am not a mental health or medical professional and at no time should any information received during a reading be taken as mental health or medical advice. Although the tarot can indicated that a need for these types of services might exist, and the tarot often works well in conjunction with these services, I am not a replacement for these services. However, I do use the same ethical code of conduct and clients are guaranteed that their privacy will be respected and protected.


When you arrive for a tarot reading you can expect a few things from me as a tarot reader:

  1. I will take your question seriously, no matter how abstract the question may seem.
  2. I will treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve.
  3. I will render a professional service giving you a reading that is high in integrity.
  4. I will hold your confidence, as long as it is legal.
  5. I will be truthful and tell you what I see in your reading.

In turn, I also have a few expectations from the clients I see. I expect:

  1. You will take the reading seriously and think about the question or questions you would like answers to.
  2.  You will treat me with courtesy and respect.
  3.  You will arrive on time and pay at the time of service.
  4.  You will give a 48 hour notice if you need to cancel.
  5.  You will not hold the tarot reader, Traci Goodrich, responsible for the choices and actions  you make, as the client always has complete control over life choices.


All of the information, themes, and ideas expressed within the pages of this blog are the intellectual property of Traci A. Goodrich, tarot reader and author of Tarot for the Times. 

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