Tarot Residencies+Parties


As a tarot reader, I do private readings in a variety of public spaces. I call the tarot readings I do in public spaces my “residencies”.

Meeting me at one of my residencies is a fantastic opportunity to get to know me as a tarot reader.


Every Tuesday night from 6 till 9 at Corkscrew Wine Bar

At Corkscrew Wine Bar, I offer mini tarot readings, usually 10-15 minutes, on a topic of your choice. You can either stop by or make a reservation through Corkscrew Wine Bar. Phone: (503)239-9463

Every Friday day from 1 till 5 at The Raven’s Wing

At The Raven’s Wing, I offer 30-minute and 60 -minute tarot readings on a topic of your choice. You can either stop by, make a reservation using the link above, or call the Raven’s Wing. Phone number: (503)946-8951

* Please confirm reader availability via social media. 


Are you ready to try something fun and unique at your next party?

Hire me to read tarot cards to entertain your guests! I am available to read tarot at private parties for: Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Winter Solstice, dinner parties, birthdays, baby showers, bachelorette parties–you name the occasion.

Looking for a gorgeous space for your event? Ask me about a tarot party in the private event space at Corkscrew Wine Bar.

Interested in a unique ladies night that involves fashion, tarot, and wine? Ask me about a tarot party at the women’s consignment boutique, What’s Upstairs.


$125 an hour

* Special rates apply for major events on location, specific holidays (as well as key holiday weekends) and use of an event space.

** A gas mileage fee is added for destinations over 10 miles.


Phone: (503)233-7064

Email: tarotforthetimes@gmail.com

Or you can fill out the contact form below when you are ready to talk about the details for your special party.

I take payments made by cash or check.

If you are looking for a private tarot reading you should check out the BUY A READING page.

If you are interested in reading about what others have to say about my services you should check out the PRAISE page.



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