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If you are interested in getting a tarot reading but would like to hear some opinions about my service from other people, here is some high praise coming from a diverse group of people:

“Traci has been offering tarot readings at my businesses – Flutter and Palace of Industry – for several years now. In that time, I have found her to be unfailing reliable, professional and, enthusiastic. My customers have always give her glowing reviews and she has helped to build business by bringing new people to my shops. I have greatly enjoyed having tarot readings offered at the shops, and I love the positive energy that Traci brings to al her interactions.”

Cristin Hinesley, Business Owner, Flutter

“Readings from Traci are both grounded and inspiring. I recently had a reading with her on the winter solstice. The solstice inspired spread she used to focus on the energy of the sun and the coming year was the perfect antidote to the short cold dark winter days and stress of the coming holidays. The reading I received help to set the tone of what my goals and aspirations are for the coming year and what work is needed to facilitate attainment of those goals.

 Traci has a pragmatic approach and uses tangible examples to describe each card’s symbolism and the meaning of its placement in the spread. The tarot deck she uses is intricate and beautiful and the themes Traci is able to interpret from the cards are creative and unique while not overly esoteric.

I have received readings from Traci for many years, and her knowledge, intuition and ability to use the tarot to help others with life’s questions has continued to grow. I have referred many friends to her and have always heard positive remarks about their experience with her.

While this is not “fortune-telling” or a way to know the future, the tarot can help guide you in a certain direction when more clarity is needed; Traci certainly has the ability to be a guide and help you navigate those waters and give you the tools you need to continue to move forward.”

RK, Registered Nurse

“This past summer we had the honor of hosting a “Women’s Night Out – Tarot Reading”.  Traci brought her reading expertise to the party and everyone enjoyed learning about and understanding the cards as they pertained to their questions. Traci is a lovely facilitator and we look forward to making this an annual event.”


“Traci’s tarot readings give me a fresh perspective on decisions I’m contemplating in my life. She is very calm and focused, with great energy. Her style is personal, flexible and interactive, which helps me get the most out of my reading.”

Lila, Marketing

“We had been having a rough time with projects and jobs.  I lost my job in March and felt a little wary about trying to find a new job at the age of 60. We were a little skeptical at first, as many people might be.  However we felt real comfortable with Traci’s approach. We were not expecting any huge changes; such as winning the lottery; and she put no emphasis on any such thing.  We came away with our own expectations.  

Since the reading, I have started a new company with some really intelligent partners. Our outlook is very promising.  I am not sure all of this came from this reading, but you must have a positive look on life before you can ever succeed.”

DLP, President of a Software Development Company

“I have had several great readings from Traci. Having never had a tarot reading before I didn’t know what to expect, and it was a very positive and straightforward experience as Traci is very positive and straightforward herself! Traci provides a very relaxed atmosphere and encourages you to engage in a dialog with her about your reading and the meaning of the cards you have been dealt. She gives very clear explanations about each card and how she sees it relating to the questions you are interested in gaining answers to or guidance from. As I write this, I realize I am almost due for another insightful reading!! Traci’s great!”

 R Fox, Baker and Business Manager

“The reading Traci gave me was both down to earth and otherworldly.  I didn’t expect to be as active an agent in the reading, and felt like I received sage advice and a mature and helpful new perspective on my question.  At the same time, she was uncannily accurate as to the details of my situation, and has a mystic energy, so I left with the fun and exciting feeling that I had just participated in something unknown.

Traci gave readings at several of my dinner parties, and she gave guest after guest totally fresh and invested attention.  I was amazed at her mental stamina!  Everyone was really happy they did it.”

Courtney, Chef and Business Owner, din din Supper Club


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