Five Day Tarot Forecast 2/18-2/22

Five Day Tarot Forecast

Ace of Pentacles | The World | King of Pentacles | Two of Pentacles |Death

As the Full Moon in Virgo approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot more about self-care and healthy boundaries. Who or what keeps us feeling safe, supported, grounded, healthy and simply happy?

Part of our work is also to create the appropriate life and work balance. Do you take any days off? Have you been taking care of your body? Are you eating healthfully? Drinking enough water? Sleeping soundly? Are you making it to the gym? No? It might be good for you to work with the Full Moon in Virgo energy and take some steps towards creating a healthier, happier version of yourself. What does a healthy version of yourself look like? If you were to give loving instructions to a friend and suggest steps to create a better balance, what would you say?

Many of us are working on building our careers and putting ourselves out their in new ways in order to be seen by a broader audience. We all want to be seen, heard and appreciated, but your opinion of your own worth matters most.

I see someone in a position of power, noticing your work and your worth. You might be the right person for the job, in line for a promotion, or about to collect $200 as you pass Go. Great success will come to you if you say yes to work that is in line with your own value system. You are worth a great deal and you need to know this. Don’t undersell yourself, your skills or your abilities. Don’t be shy about asking for what you are worth. Success will come from carving your own path and showing others you know how to be playful and innovative.

Outdated ideas will not serve you at this time. Think fresh, new, innovative. Any ideas that have been collecting dust for the past 13 months are not worth your time. Create time and create space for new ideas to flourish.

Monday: Ace of Pentacles. No one is going to dull your sparkle today. The light inside of you is for all to see. When you take care of your own light, when you encourage it, support it, and nurture it, the light grows stronger and brighter and it will eventually take center stage.

Are you learning to value your own worth? Know that your time and skills are valuable. When you put yourself out there make it known that you expect to be paid for your time and skills. Nothing in life is for free. When you own your own worth others will also see your true value. The Ace of Pentacles speaks to me of new opportunities in the material world. Looking for a new job or a project that will elevate your earning potential? Today might be the day.

Tuesday: The World. What did you set out to achieve? The World dancer acknowledges milestones and stepping-stones that lead to success. Celebrate your achievements. Today is also a good day to think about what success means to you. You might feel really pleased with something you’ve created or accomplished. You know you gave it your all. Victory is yours.

Wednesday: King of Pentacles. Of course this is meant lightly, but I hear: Show me the money, honey. If you find yourself with a new job, negotiate your salary by pointing out your level of skill. Ask for what you are truly worth. The King of Pentacles holds the purse strings and there are plenty of coins in that purse. If your future boss asks you how much you are worth do your home work and find out how much others are paid in your industry for doing the same things.

The King of Pentacles also might be a banker. Trying to get a student loan or a home loan? There should be no problem as long as everything is in order. The money is there.

If you are still working on developing your prosperity. model the King of Pentacles behavior. How did this person get to this position? You might see your future position in a present day boss. Learn all you can. You are not a beginner, but you are growing and evolving. Be wiling to try a strategy that has worked well for someone who has what you eventually want.

Thursday: Two of Pentacles. If you were hired for a new position show your experimental and playful side. People want to see your innovation. If you are feeling cautious just take a step in any direction that feels connected to who you truly are. Your work is important and relevent even if it hasn’t fully materialized. Go out to meet your future self. Take a risk and be willing to experiment.

Friday: Death. Old ways will not serve you at this time. Make space for new dreams to emerge. Transitions are not always easy but they are necessary for your growth. It’s time for you to level up. Help yourself by establishing healthy boundaries from the beginning with any new endeavor. Get things moving and flowing in the right direction. Think positively about your future and be excited about the possibilities that are coming your way. Grow. Expand, Flow. Grow. Expand. Flow. Grow. Expand. Flow. Work on your physical digestion. Eliminate what’s not necessary. Who or what is important for your growth? Which relationships flow, grow and expand? Which relationships are stuck or stagnant?

Weekend Tarot Forecast 2/15-2/17

Weekend Tarot Forecast

The High Priestess | Strength | Prince of Cups

The Weekend Tarot Forecast tells me your intuition is strong even when you make decisions from a more primal center. You might feel compelled to respond or react to your circumstances from a place of raw emotion. Maybe you’ve found a direction for the abundance of passion you have and you are choosing to channel that energy into another person, creative project or adventure. Channel your energy with integrity. Others feel your power and energy, choose to blow someone away with strength, inner knowing and raw beauty.

You have a real connection to your physical body and are aware of the energy that surges through you (kundalini) – you know it is meant to be used, controlled and directed. You can rely on your instincts and the force within. You might make an impulsive choice or choose to do what feels good in the moment, but when you react or respond to another person or an offer that is made it is because they are offering you something that has the potential to enhance your emotional understanding. Say yes, if your intuition guides you to do so. Your decision will feel right if what is being offered has heart and meaning and connects to your perception of the world around you. In this moment, like attracts like. You are what you know and say you are. 

I see someone in your environment who admires what they see. Possibly a young-spirited water sign (I am leaning towards the zodiac sign Scorpio) interested in learning your mysterious ways.  This person thinks they see their reflection within you. They might be surprised by how tapped in or connected you are to the spiritual world and they might want to enhance their own spiritual connection by pairing up with you. This person might not be aware of it yet, but they will learn from you. This person might be easily lured by surface beauty and the physical world, but they will learn about how powerful you really are as they get to know you better.

You understand the source of your personal power and know you have real leadership ability. You are intuitively guided, even if you make these day-to-day choices that might make you appear like a loose cannon or someone who makes impulsive choices. Knowing how to get your needs met is an extremely attractive quality on you. Your will is strong. Pay attention to where you want to direct your energy and who is worthy of your time and attention. Is the connection as strong for you as it is for this other person?