7 Day Tarot Forecast: Alignment, Emotional Elimination and Clarity

The Universe | 8 of Cups | Ace of Disks | Six of Swords

The Hierophant | 3 of Disks | Prince of Cups

No one escapes this life without having a mixture of light and dark experiences — many of which provide our greatest lessons and opportunities. Balance comes from recognizing this mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly and knowing that this combination of light and dark exists within each and everyone of us. If you’ve felt like you’ve had more than your fair share of challenges, know that you’ve made it through and you are stronger and better aligned now that you know who you are and recognize your true value.

You might be working on “emotional elimination”. If you have been feeling stuck on a person or a memory of the past, know that things will begin to shift and move and you will feel much lighter. There will be a clear path forward for you. Part of the trick is to recognize the emotional burdens you carry are not always just your own. It’s ok to let go. We are not meant to take every person or emotional experience with us on this journey. Recognize who is there for you — true friends will recognize you are distressed and offer you assistance when it is needed. This will make you feel lighter and happier. You are on your way.

Focus on what brings you joy. What lights you up? Is a new financial opportunity on the horizon? Or have you put in more effort to listening to your own body? Let this opportunity carry you to a lighter and more joyful experience. On this path, it might be expected that you follow some rules and ask for help if you don’t know the answer yourself. In the end, all the work you put in will provide you with the opportunity to heal yourself and expand your own vibration. Keep going and pay attention to intuitive cues.

Five Day Tarot Forecast 6/7-6/11 You deserve to be happy

Ace of Wands | 2 of Cups | The Sun | Ace of Swords | 5 of Swords

With the Ace of Wands beginning this week, it feels as though the universe is “passing the baton” to you. Pay attention to what is being offered because aces often speak to me of opportunities that have the potential to be much greater than their seed, but it really depends on what you do to develop or cultivate the opportunity. If you want it, you will have to take action to get it. This opportunity might have a pulse attached to it, your pulse will definitely race when you think about accepting this offer!

Your communication with others will be spot on. Continuing with the theme of this past weekend: Say it with love. The message will be received even with Mercury RX creating some turbulence and crossing some communication wires.

By mid-week you might have a reason to celebrate. The people in your environment enjoy seeing your happiness. If you don’t know this, let me remind you: You deserve to be happy and to take special moments for yourself. The sun is literally shining on you! August might be an important month for you to take a trip with someone you want to develop a stronger connection with. The trip is meant to be fun and light. It feels so good to live in the moment and to take each day as it comes.

By the end of the week It might be important for you to clear the air with someone in your environment. Please know that creating healthy boundaries with others will always be the right choice and toxic forms of communication are never appropriate or acceptable. Someone in your environment might respond in a defensive manner when you provide constructive criticism or create a boundary. If the individual accepts responsibility for their actions you know you are dealing with someone who is capable of maturity, but if the individual chooses to be verbally combative or defensive, let it serve as a red flag. Don’t let a gossip in your environment poison you or your relationships. Again, the message from the past weekend comes up: say it with love or not all, and expect that from the people in your environment.