The Weekend Isn’t Always Easy…

Weekend at a glance. 12/14/18 – 12/16/18

tarotreading for the weekend

The weekend doesn’t appear to be easy, but it does look expansive. This tarot sequence might pull the breath from your lips because it looks like a bit of a doozy, but on closer inspection it is positive and very healing. Even if emotions run high and you are reeling from an unexpected loss, I believe it will be a catalyst for great change.

Remember, endings clear space for dramatic new beginnings. It’s ok to slow down and take some time for yourself even if you feel the desire to distance yourself as quickly as possible from an unexpected turn of events that rocked your world.

It might not feel good while it is happening but you are intuitive enough to know the right decision has been made. That doesn’t mean you will escape from grieving something you felt was fresh, new, exciting or fun. You might be grieving the loss of a significant relationship or friendship. Friends are great, but sometimes we can be pulled into situations that are toxic. Your boundaries were tested.

clarify 5 of Cups(11)

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 of Cups.

What has been lost? The Fool.

The great adventure. You might have found this energy to be really exciting. How wonderful is it to be a vagabond, living from moment to moment, not having a care in the world? Is that what you really wanted? To be close to someone who you can’t quite rely on and who isn’t able to plan into the future? Other cards tell me you are a sensitive and intuitive person.

The Fool can be a breath of fresh air, leading us to experience our highest high, but what goes up, must come down. Part of the charm of the Fool is being in the moment. The Fool does not plan ahead, it is this moment that is of concern. There is no worry, there is only freedom, adventure, fun – it’s an expansive and risk-taking type of energy. If you have taken a risk on someone and they let you down, you are still grieving this loss. My sense is they left you feeling “addicted”, whether that means attached to their energy and unable to unplug from it or real addiction in the form of escapism. Healing is needed.

What is waiting to be noticed? 10 of Coins

It’s a blessing to see the 10 of Coins. This tells me no matter what has happened, you have a supportive community who has your back when you are ready to let them in to help you. Your foundation is solid and secure. You are plugged into a network. You don’t have to worry about security, maybe that’s why the vagabond energy of the Fool was so appealing, it was so different from what you already know.

What’s on your mind? Ace of Wands

You are ready for something new. You have an idea you want to move on and you are feeling the impulse to move in an entirely new direction.

What’s in your heart? Queen of Swords

This experience is forcing you to create real boundaries and to get clear on an appropriate path. From this point forward, communication will remain open, you will attract people you can trust, and who value what you have to say and how you say it. You are stronger than you know. It feels good to draw a line in the sand when it comes to your heart and what you love doing. Part of that work is protecting your heart by valuing and loving yourself first.

King of Cups clarityJPG

The King of Cups tells me you are in the presence of a healer, maybe you are the healer. When I clarify, I get the Temperance card which tells me, yes, you are on a path of healing. When you heal yourself you will be able to heal others. Maybe there is someone in your environment who will aid in your recovery. A sympathetic counselor, an energy worker, someone who has a heart-forward communication style. Balance is obviously needed. Get back to the basics of regular sleep, regular meals, and regular exercise. Cut out escapist activities and cut back on people who lead you into escapist activities. Let the healing begin!

clarify Tower (11)

The Tower. Complete and total change.

When I expand of the Tower I get the Page of Wands. You are ready to put some distance between yourself and what you are feeling. An impulsive decision might have been the catalyst for the Tower event to occur. You like to be around people who excite you. Even if the foundation feels unstable, you are ready to blaze a new trail. Don’t let people who are not good for you pull you back into the past. Take a risk and move forward.

Does this reading resonate with you? Let me know how your weekend works out in the comments!

4 Card Winter Tarot Spread

Here is a simple 4-card tarot spread for the winter season.

Take a piece of paper and a pencil and jot down a few ideas about what you want to work on this winter. What’s the plan? What are you trying to accomplish? Where are you directing your energy? What is growing and developing within you? Who is helping you with your goals? When will you get there?

I don’t think I always have the answers but I know I always have questions. Can you answer any of these? Use your intuition before you do your own reading or look at the one I have here. You might be surprised by what you already know about your experience before you even look at any tarot cards.

Divided your tarot deck into three parts (Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and Court cards).

Shuffle the Major Arcana and draw the first card. This will represent the theme for the winter months (the card at the bottom of the pile represents the summer months if you are curious to know where you will be in 6 months time based on how you direct your energy through the winter months). The Major Arcana card will address a major lesson and what you should be focusing on even if it seems in opposition to your goal. How can I get what I want if a challenging energy is blocking me? Is this part of the process? Where do I need to be right now? Who or what is helping me?

Shuffle the Minor Arcana and draw two cards and shuffle the Court cards and draw 1 card. These cards will tell you more about who or what will be influencing you through the winter months. Where are you in the spread? Is there another person involved in your story? 



A sample reading or possible path forward. Does it resonate with you? Then it must be for you!

The Devil made me do it. I want it now. Impulsive actions do have consequences. Winter trial. Stop struggling. There is just one more thing I need to do before I can actually focus. I feel.

Some questions to ask yourself this winter: What is within your control? What happens when you compromise your values? What is the emotional undercurrent of the situation? How might anger or frustration be misdirected (at yourself or others)? What happens when you compromise with other people in your environment? What type of work meets your need for independence, autonomy and freedom and what type of work meets your needs for security, conformity, or safety?

The Devil will ask you: What does control mean to you? Sometimes there are circumstances that are beyond your control. Sometimes control makes people feel safe. Sometimes we have to work within conventional structures where control of the environment will ensure that everyone feels safe. How are you responsible to yourself and others?

The Devil and 9 of Swords ask questions about the emotional undercurrent coupled with reaction. Who do you resent? Who are you angry at or who is angry with you? Why are you frustrated? What are you worried about? What do you have control over? Here are some open-ended sentences. Take a piece of paper and pencil and jot down whatever comes to mind. You might find you have some answers in the end.

I resent…

I get angry when…

I’m scared of…

I’m frustrated by…

I want you to…

I feel safe when I…

I don’t feel safe when you…

I don’t like it when…

I like it when…

I feel powerful when…

I empower myself by…

You have a lot on your mind. You have so many worries your brain is active and spinning story after story. The story you tell yourself might go something like this:

I resent people who try to control. I get angry when my plans must be put on hold for other people or because of life circumstances. I’m scared of not having freedom and autonomy. I’m frustrated by people who bully or are dishonest. I want you to help me, but I can’t ask for the help. I feel safe when I have control of my life circumstances and I have my security and safety needs met. I don’t feel safe relying on your passion projects to generate income. I don’t like it when you don’t worry about money. I like it when you share. I feel powerful when I’m able to provide for everyone. I empower myself by working.

If you let some of your worries go, your story might go something like this:

I am a visionary and I use my vision in the world to create my own success and it provides for myself and my family.  I exist within this conventional formula where I have to work more than one job, go to school, pay rent, buy groceries, take care of myself and the people around me. I do not feel victimized by life circumstances. I see the humor in not being able to get exactly what I want when I want it because if I did life would be boring. I am not tied to anyone or anything. I get to choose the people who exist within my world. The people around me value my autonomy, hard-working sensibility and flexibility and know I am a powerful person.  I am connected to people in my environment. I am responsible for myself and other people because I am an adult. I have control of my day-to-day attitude and I bring humor and fun to my environment. I exist within a conventional experience because it provides me with opportunity, structure and connections. I maintain healthy boundaries with myself and those around me.

Looking towards the summer months I see the Hierophant. Let’s see what you learn about yourself over the winter months and how your self concept might change as you work on healthy boundaries and gain the type of freedom you require.

I have some ideas but you have the answers. What I am writing is just a framework for you to discover more about yourself. Continue the story for yourself.

Please comment or share if you find that this blog post is useful!

*I used the Morgan Greer Tarot deck.