Weekend Tarot Forecast 4/19-4/21

Weekend Tarot Forecast (14)

Knight of Wands | King of Cups | The Hermit

You might feel a strong desire to get going with an idea or to move in a new direction, but something or someone is holding you back from taking action. Is it the right time? Do you need to create more of a plan or to consider your options?

The Knight of Wands can be impulsive, and sometimes we need an impulsive drive coupled with action to get new ideas moving, but you might be butting heads with someone who is older, wiser and more mature. The King of Cups has emotional mastery. What can you learn from him? This person might be holding your passion back like a a dam for a very good reason. Are you considering other people’s feelings or are you just focused on your own needs? The King of Cups might be showing you ways you can stay in the game longer: by tempering your drive, trying to focus it, or redirected it if need be. Where are you trying to place your passion and why? Do you have a game plan? The King of Cups would encourage you to make your choices from the heart and to consider how your actions make other people feel. How do you want to be seen?

The Hermit card also cautions you to take your time, to conserve your energy and to wait for the right time. Make choices that place you in the most balanced and stable light.  Stop and listen to inner guidance and consider counsel from those who might have more experience than you do, as well as your best interest at heart. The Hermit implies that if you are in this race for the long haul, you will need to conserve your energy. Which actions reflect the most cultured and mature version of yourself? How can you be seen as someone who has kindness, empathy and compassion?

Weekend Tarot Forecast 4/12-4/14

Weekend Tarot Forecast (14)

Two of Swords | Justice | King of Pentacles

You might be feeling really aware of how everyone involved in this situation has their own version of truth. Black and white thinking can be tricky that way– are there really no shades of gray? If you are on the sidelines watching a dispute: is it difficult to discern who is right and who is wrong? What if you want to see more evidence or to hear another person’s version of the story? Is there really no way to compromise? Whatever happened to meeting someone half way? Or taking into account the full picture which paints the story of two individuals believing they are both right based on their version of the truth? Is it possible for two people to be right? What if you are both just being stubborn? Do you really believe this is the right thing to do, or do you just want to be right? And, if this battle involves a third person: What is right for them?

Justice will create balance regardless of what feels truly fair or just to you as an individual. Justice can take personal control and choice away, sometimes in favor of the law deciding what is right. What are the facts? What are the rules? And who are the rules going to favor in this particular situation? Sometimes our system of checks and balances or the legal system can feel inherently one-sided or out of balance because you need to know what the rules are in order to follow them and you need to have the capital in order to participate in the system. Does this system favor the privileged few who know the rules and have the resources to advocate their position? Something to think about.

Maybe there is someone in your environment who is willing to help you and they have the funds to do it. What resources are available to you? Is there a group who is willing to assist you with your position? Justice can work in your favor too. Ask for help. Look for an advocate.