Weekend Tarot Forecast 11/15-11/17


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You are not one to worry about other peoples’ perception of who you are. Yes, you might be young (or young spirited). Yes, you might be inexperienced. Yes, you might be impulsive. Yes, you might be unclear about your direction or purpose. But, you know what? You have great ideas, you have enthusiasm and you have what others do not: determination. You can figure this out. If I might offer you a path forward: take some time this weekend and bring shape to one of your brilliant ideas. You might be tempted to run off and have some fun with friends and to delay your destiny, but this weekend it will be more important for you to chart a course for yourself and to clear the path towards your true calling. Don’t delay your future success any longer. Put your phone on silence and sit down with pencil and paper in hand. Plan out your vision using as much detail as you can imagine. What are you doing? Where are you going? When will you get there? Make some phone calls and solidify your plans. It’s the only way you will be able to break through what you perceive as a glass ceiling. When you make the time to organize your thoughts and to plan out the day-to-day details you set yourself up for success. Don’t let sloppy details or lack of care sabotage a truly brilliant and original idea. Make the time. Take your time. You are ready to move forward. Create a solid foundation for your idea. You can plan everything else as you go, but the foundation? That needs to be solidly in place to get your idea off the ground.

Five Day Tarot Forecast: 9/16-9/20

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If you are human, over time you have compiled many interests, talents and experiences. Take a peek at your bookshelf, your music collection, look at old photos or the letters in your attic, or even look at how you choose to decorate your home. If you look at these things I bet you will see evidence of the person you were and how your experiences and interests have shaped the person you are now. An old letter might remind you of your talent for writing love letters, a self portrait you painted in college might remind you of your stint with painting, a bird house you built for a fundraiser might remind you of your talent for building and fund raising. The gift of looking at the old you, is that it provides solid evidence that you are a person with lots of interesting experiences under your belt. Even if you don’t know which direction to move in at this very moment or you feel confused about who or what you are there are always options and there is always evidence of the life you have lived.

My advice? Start with what you know. When you brush the dust off old skills, you revisit the person you once were, that does not mean you have to keep doing it the same way you did then, you might be uniquely positioned to do the work a little differently now because you’ve grown and changed over time.

Allow yourself time to explore the old you. Let a friend from the past tell you about who you are, sometimes our friends are kinder and more generous with their description than we are when we look in the mirror with a critical eye and voice that might choose to say that things are not as good as they once were. You are in a position to make some changes. Begin by taking a couple days just to reflect on who you once were, try experimenting with an old talent. I think you will find that the motivation you were searching for just needed a little push to get things flowing and moving again. Change will only happen if you choose to change.

Monday: 2 of PentaclesIt takes a concentrated effort to keep all the parts flowing and moving today. Where does the time go? You might feel like there isn’t enough time to do what you want to do, but really you just need to make the time for yourself. Start with 2 hours and build to 2 solid days. Keep it open ended. The inner critic has no voice and no power when you are experimenting, so shush it. 

Tuesday: Judgement. When you create the space and time to play with your tools, I think you will find that you are led in the direction you are meant to be moving. Open up. Allow yourself to follow a new path and know you will be supported and guided along the way even if you can’t see what the outcome is. In order to receive, you must first be willing to receive.

Wednesday: Six of CupsAllow yourself to grow and change. Your past does not define you, but it can motivate you to make some different choices. Expect the best and you will receive the best. If you open yourself to some possibilities you will see them materialize. Open your heart to people who are worthy of seeing it.

Thursday: 4 of Swords. Boredom is gift. Boredom can motivate you to try something new. You don’t have to stay stuck. If you don’t know what to do, go for a walk and get some fresh air. When you get your body moving you get your mind off auto-loop you will see things differently.

Friday: 2 of Swords. The only person keeping you where you are is you. Risk taking the blinders off. Open your eyes to the reality of your situation. Maybe things don’t look the way you think they look. Risk exposing yourself. Risk seeing others for who they are and not how you wished they were.