Five Day Tarot Forecast 7/1-7/5

Some of you may have noticed I took some time off from writing my regular tarot forecasts in the month of  June. This was so I might focus time and attention on a class I was teaching and to spend time on a personal retreat with my family. Please remember, you can always purchase your own individualized tarot forecast that is specific to your needs or schedule a one-to-one tarot reading with me. Let me know what your needs are!

Tarot Forecast (18)

          2 of Cups | 3 of Cups | Page of Cups | 7 of Cups | 8 of Rods (or Wands)

Are you getting ready to communicate something new? How do you express yourself with others?  Are friends or colleagues there to support you and your choices? You might have a sea of creative ideas, but your commitment to one idea will advance you further than all of the rest. Be on the look out for those people you connect with. Who really wants to see you fly?

In the month of July, some of you will see your goals start to materialize very quickly, especially if you are in touch with your intuition and feelings (what does your heart or spirit want to do?). You will be gathering a specific tribe of people who really see you for who you are and appreciate your loyalty and commitment. You will be celebrating your success with an inner circle (What have you achieved?). Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and to try something new (There is nothing wrong with being a bit green as long as you have enthusiasm for the new work). For others I see you becoming clear on personal direction. 

It’s a busy whirlwind of a week filled with choices from the heart, connection, creativity and travel. Have you finally made a commitment to yourself or to another person? Are you getting together with like-minded people to celebrate? What creative insight is growing within and who or what has sparked your enthusiasm? How do you give your own creative insight the time and space it needs to be brought into this world?

Monday: 2 of Cups. You are feeling happy and emotionally satisfied. Someone sees you and appreciates you for who you are. You’ve met your match. Your vulnerability has led you closer to a desired relationship goal. You’ve finally made an important decision and the choice you’ve made speaks to your heart. You see eye-to-eye on the issues that mean the most to you.

Tuesday: 3 of Cups. Gathering together. I hear the expression “girls gone wild”, but really this card reflects getting together with a group to have a good time. For a specific group there will be a bachelorette party/baby shower to attend. For others, you will be attending an event and there will be down time to connect with like-minded people once the work is done. There will be light-hearted communication, celebration and fun. The energy feels expansive. It’s ok to let down your hair and to truly relax and express your point of view. You are among friends who respect you and your ideas. There is some history here.

Wednesday: Page of Cups. It’s important to share your creative gifts even if you are concerned about being seen as a beginner with a new creative project. It’s more of a mindset, you can do this, but you have to start somewhere. Let your spirit lead you. This page is about new creative opportunities. What are you being offered? How will you develop it? For someone else I see a pregnancy (this might be metaphoric). You are starting something new, and there will never be a “right time” to get this project off the ground, so you might as well jump in now. For someone else I see  you crafting a letter, you have something important you need to express. 

Thursday: 7 of Cups. There is no need to feel confused. You’ve made your choice. Stand by your decision. There is no going back. At this moment in time you will only attract those people to you who are meant to be with you on this path. The other paths really do not matter. You’ve finally made a real commitment to yourself and you feel confident with the decisions you made even if you reflect on the other choices along this path. 

Friday: 8 of Rods (or Wands).  Everything is happening so fast. Be on the look out for important correspondence: emails, texts, snail mail, or telephone calls. Someone is trying to communicate something important to you. Something is about to move and shift in your life and you must be prepared to respond and to react very quickly. You are advancing towards a goal. Change is on the horizon. You are clear and focused. Nothing can stop you now. The new things you start now will change your life for the better. Be prepared for things to change sooner rather than later.  

Weekend Tarot Forecast 5/24-5\26

Weekend Tarot Forecast (15)

The Lovers | The Chariot | Strength

You have something unique you need to express. Once you make your ideas real, tangible and solid that energy will gather some momentum and be able to move forward. Remember there are no wrong choices, don’t overthink it. Our minds love to create worry (especially if you are an air sign), but you have nothing to fear. Part of your work is to make a decision, and to be aware of the proper timing to take action with that idea. Is it the right time? Pay attention to the cosmos. Gemini season is upon us. What placement does Gemini have in your astrological chart and does it work to your advantage? What role does effective communication play in the choice you are making?

This weekend looks really balanced. You are working with the elements of air, water and fire. Your only task is to bring shape to your ideas, to nurture and support them, and to take action. Do not worry about how the idea will support you physically. That is not the most important part of this equation. Working with the 3 elements you have available to you gets you to where you need to be. Your job is to come correct with your own spirit. Be aware of natural rhythms and cycles and see how they support you. Work when you need to and rest when you need to. Everything is connected and you are part of the cycle. What’s your role? You are fortunate enough to have the gifts of strength, stamina, and compassion. You also have the ability to charm others even if the person you are charming is a predator. Know your audience. Express yourself with this information in mind.

This is a good weekend to organize and bring shape to your unique ideas. What materials are you working with? You would not consider traveling without a road map. The same should be true of the work you put out into the world. It’s important for you to do the organizational component so that others can follow your train of thought.

In about a week I will be teaching a two-part intuitive tarot class in Portland, Oregon. The class will be held at Flutter. The dates are June 3rd and June 10th from 7 till 9. If you are interested to learn tarot fundamentals and intuitive reading techniques here is a link to join Tarot Night School. You must RSVP to the class by no later than June 2nd to participate.