7 Day Tarot Forecast: Alignment, Emotional Elimination and Clarity

The Universe | 8 of Cups | Ace of Disks | Six of Swords

The Hierophant | 3 of Disks | Prince of Cups

No one escapes this life without having a mixture of light and dark experiences — many of which provide our greatest lessons and opportunities. Balance comes from recognizing this mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly and knowing that this combination of light and dark exists within each and everyone of us. If you’ve felt like you’ve had more than your fair share of challenges, know that you’ve made it through and you are stronger and better aligned now that you know who you are and recognize your true value.

You might be working on “emotional elimination”. If you have been feeling stuck on a person or a memory of the past, know that things will begin to shift and move and you will feel much lighter. There will be a clear path forward for you. Part of the trick is to recognize the emotional burdens you carry are not always just your own. It’s ok to let go. We are not meant to take every person or emotional experience with us on this journey. Recognize who is there for you — true friends will recognize you are distressed and offer you assistance when it is needed. This will make you feel lighter and happier. You are on your way.

Focus on what brings you joy. What lights you up? Is a new financial opportunity on the horizon? Or have you put in more effort to listening to your own body? Let this opportunity carry you to a lighter and more joyful experience. On this path, it might be expected that you follow some rules and ask for help if you don’t know the answer yourself. In the end, all the work you put in will provide you with the opportunity to heal yourself and expand your own vibration. Keep going and pay attention to intuitive cues.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 5/1-5/3


6 of Cups | The Hermit | Ace of Wands

What did you used to love doing? How can you reflect on your experiences from the past and grow from them? What new path is waiting for your attention and enthusiasm?

The 6 of Cups really speaks to me of the ways in which you used to learn – through experimentation, play, and taking emotional risks. Whether that was learning from the friendships you developed, or learning from your family of origin, or learning from the generosity of others (like the time your neighbor gave you a keyboard because they noticed yours needed some repair, or a friend gave you a mixed tape because they wanted to share some new music with you, or a parent gave you dance lessons, so you could learn more about dance). The 6 of Cups is a card of receptivity, emotional growth and gifts.

Maybe you are remembering you have some unfulfilled creative dreams, or someone from your past is reminding you about how you met. Maybe you are getting together with family members you haven’t seen for some time and they are reminding you of who you used to be.

When you shine a light into the past, what do you see? Did you learn from your environment? Or do some past mistakes or roads not taken continue to haunt you? The Hermit card tells me you have spent plenty of time thinking about the choices you were given. If you made mistakes, you have come to terms with how you dealt with any problem that came your way. If you have been fantasizing about “the way things used to be” remember that your memory might be playing some tricks on you. The presence of The Hermit tells me that only through honest reflection are you able to truly hear, and to see how your life choices created who you are at this moment in time. At some point, you needed to guide yourself away from a painful past, a painful memory and order to become the person you are right now.  You no longer have rose colored glasses on. You can look at your past with maturity and honesty, knowing that everyone did there best, and there was a mixture of experiences, some good and some bad. But you learned.

You are now being offered an opportunity. A fresh start. You might feel a sense of renewal. A surge of creative potential. By starting something entirely new, you have the ability to free yourself from whatever cords or attachments want to keep you the same.

Sometimes friends and family do not want to see that we’ve grown or changed. Sometimes people in our environment have preconceived ideas of who we are. You now have the ability to  free yourself from whatever is haunting you.

A bright new future awaits. You have the potential to do great things. Build on what you already know, do not live your life as you did before, create something entirely new from what you have spent your lifetime learning.