The Hermit as Mentor, Teacher and Healer

In a world of extroverts it is often refreshing to come across the still water that is the introvert. The Hermit card is symbolic of the type of person who is ok being alone. As a natural born healer with exceptional counseling skills, the Hermit is an introspective teacher, mentor, and spirit-influenced guide. He will teach you what he has learned over a life time.

Always a thoughtful philosopher, the Hermit pushes you to find the answers to your own questions. It is important to recognize that this person has learned a lot in his life time and he does have something of value to say, but he is going to take his time saying it! He will give you a few clues, but it will be your responsibility to figure out how his messages apply to your life.

The Hermit does not hurry; he has no one to impress. He has nothing but time on his hands, and on occassion, the sands of time even seem to stand still. By slowing down, the Hermit knows he will arrive on time.

The soft light of the Hermit’s lantern shines along a foot trodden path, it is the path he has been traveling down for a long time, it reflects his choices in life. The successes and failures of a life time make the fertile ground in which to create your future. The Hermit advises you to step into your new role.

Stop, think, reflect. Take what you know and go out into the world. Teach what you know, there will always be a student to follow.

©Tarot for the Times by Traci A. Goodrich. All rights reserved. 2009-2012

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