What the Light of the Moon Reveals in Tarot

I welcome you to step inside a visualization of the Moon tarot card:

As you walk along, patches of moonlight guide your way through a thick web of trees. The air is cool, making the hair on your arms stand. Your senses are heightened, instead of seeing, you are feeling your way along. Someone or something is definitely out there. You are aware of the animal world and your place within it. You hear birds of prey flying overhead and you hear the rustling of leaves, as animals run through the dark woods. You wonder if you should be scared, but then you realize that there is no reason to be. In the light of day, you’ve walked this path before. If you had to, you could walk it with your eyes blindfolded, so why should walking it at night be any different?

The light of the moon exposes, but what do you really see when the path is obscured, and you are being distracted by things you can’t see? Because the light of the moon is so subtle, sometimes you “see” more clearly with your other senses: you feel the cool damp earth beneath your feet, you smell the salty air that implies the ocean is near, and you sense something even more subtle: your intuition heighten.  You feel as though you are having a psychic awakening. The familiar sound of the ocean mirrors your own biological rhythms. The sound is soothing and it lets you know everything will be ok.

As you near the end of the path, you walk down a few stone steps and stand on a crumbling foundation with two concrete slabs that used to create the structure of a home. You stop for a moment and wonder, who must have lived here? As you continue to walk, the path opens and you now have a panoramic view. The moon is illuminating all that is around you. You take a seat on the stone wall that lines the shore path and look out over the rock beach. The moonlight dances on the gentle ocean waves. You wonder why you ever felt frightened. Everything is clear by the light of the moon.

The moon sheds light on whatever you fear, and says it’s ok to be scared and it’s ok not to have all of the answers, as long as you keep moving. When you receive the Moon card in a tarot reading, you or someone you know may be confused about the situation at hand. You are not able to make a clear decision because you don’t have all of the facts. If you need help in the situation, help will only come from unknown sources. For now, you are alone and you are trying to figure things out with the few puzzle pieces you have. The Moon card reminds you, that things are not always as they appear. You have to rely on more senses than your eyesight. Sometimes it will be your gut instinct that will get you the answers you want. Remember that the path to the answers you want might be obscured, but there is still a path and the light of the moon will guide you, if you place your faith in your own ability to get there.

Copyright © Tarot for the Times is by Traci A. Goodrich. 2011-2012. All rights reserved.

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