10 of Wands: Know When to Say When

The card of the day is the TEN OF WANDS.

10 of wands

Yup, this is it! You have reached your limit. DO NOT take on any more responsibilities/chores/work/favors at this time. If anything, take more time to work on creating clear boundaries and INSIST on maintaining a self-care regime (we all need time to eat well, sleep, and exercise – don’t forget to brush your teeth).

Energetically, you have reached capacity; you are not even sure you have what it takes to carry your own weight, let alone the weight of other people. This card is about feeling burdened with responsibility and hard work. How do you lighten the load? Unfortunately, sometimes this just isn’t an option. In a situation such as this, you have to take things day-to-day. The road ahead is long, and there could be some snags along the way, but eventually, there will be an end in sight. Just do your best to get through today – I promise, life  WILL become easier!

For now, if you see an opportunity to rest, you should take a load off, and if someone offers to help you, you should say yes! Don’t shoulder the burden alone, if you don’t have to.


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