Two of Swords: Silence is not acquiesce

The card of the day is the TWO OF SWORDS.

two of swords

Peace, man. Agreeing to disagree. I like you, for now. A storm is a-brewin’.

You may have reached a point in an argument where you both need to take a break. You are not saying that you are right or the other person is right, but you’ve both reached a place in the argument where you are tired and you’ve decided to stop actively casting stones. That’s a good thing, right? Circular arguments can be especially draining; this breather might be what is needed so you can both explore a better communication strategy. Remember that no resolution is possible until a commitment is made to having a real conversation; the ability to listen is key – effective listening. Remember to listen more than you speak during this conversation. Silence is not acquiesce. 

Some questions to think about:

Who is pushing your buttons?

What are you reacting to?

What decision are you putting off until tomorrow?

How are you closer to a resolution by deciding not to act?

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