2 of Swords: Are You Going to Fish or Cut Bait?

The card of the day is the 2 OF SWORDS.

two of swords

deck used: Thoth tarot

Hmm…this is the second time the two of swords has been pulled this week, so we know this card has meaning for someone out there.

Ok fence-sitter, it is time for you to make a decision. You cannot stay in this position forever. It’s clear that you are not quite ready to commit to making this choice, but it needs to be done, right? I know, you don’t want to hurt yourself or the other person who is involved in this situation – whatever it is, but the longer you wait the harder it will be for everyone involved.

The advice here is: Do not be destructive with the sword that you hold in your hands (which is your key to effective communication), use your words and make your opinion crystal clear without engaging in battle. The appearance of this card tells me that you are not actively fighting anymore, so the real challenge is about the ability to listen. When you are dealing with someone who refuses to listen, it can be interpreted as a form of control, especially if the other person is forcing you to make an uncomfortable decision as a reaction to his or her stubborn behavior. Speak your truth, but allow others to speak theirs too. If you can’t come to a mutual understanding, hasn’t the decision really already been made?

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