Queen of Wands: She’s got it going on

The card of the day is the Queen of Wands.

queen of wandsJPG

Deck used: Mini Rider Waite Smith

Are you feeling extroverted today? Good! Try hobnobbing with members of your community. This social time will serve several purposes: it will create stronger bonds with the people you know, memorable moments, and  it will help you meet some new folks that you can add to your network. I know you don’t feel like this every day, so use this desire to be social to your advantage. Tell people what you are working on and why you are so excited;  share your ideas, excitement, and enthusiasm with the people in your life – your excitement will be inspiring and contagious. Don’t be scared to brag a little – you know you’ve got it going on!

The queen of wands is fun-loving, positive, charming, talkative, and energetic. Do you have something you are working on that you feel excited about? Use one or several of this queen’s positive characteristics to get this project moving forward. You have an abundance of energy at your disposal, so don’t waste it. Let your community know and let them help you share your ideas with the world.

Queen of Wands: Yes, I Can Do It!

The card of the day is the QUEEN OF WANDS.

queen of wandsJPG

Deck used: Motherpeace. Priestess of Wands is the Queen of Wands

This queen has a lot of positive energy at her disposal, and she wants to share it with you! Have a project you need help getting off the ground? You might consider asking this lady because the queen of wands is the ultimate can-do girl and she is not a afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the work done (don’t worry, she is also fun to work with!).

The queen of wands will bring a lot of positive qualities and a unique perspective to any project table, think: enthusiastic, robust, and energetic and you have the idea.

A natural people-magnet, this queen is warm, open, and intelligent; she works well on her own or with other people who are willing to put the same amount of energy and time into a project that she is. The communication style of the queen of wands is open and direct, and she will always tell it like it is (trust me, this is a good thing, especially when you are trying to get something accomplished).

On the flip side: When working with others, the queen of wands can be a bit of a bossy-pants, but is it possible you need a little direction?

Can you use a dose of the of the queen of wand’s energy? Today is a good day to say, Yes, I can do it! Try something new, give it your all, and do it with enthusiasm.

How can an enthusiastic attitude help you get more accomplished without feeling over-burdened? Are you willing to share your ideas and energy with others? If so, please leave a comment!