7 Day Tarot Forecast 6/1-6/7

7 Day Tarot Forecast 6:18 of Swords | 4 of Swords | 4 of Cups | The Tower | The Star |

3 of Swords | Knight of Swords

I had a Weekend Tarot Forecast that I prepared last week (when much different energies were swirling in the air), but in light of all the stress and tension we are currently seeing and experiencing I thought I would scrap that and move forward with this next week’s message:

You might feel like you are in shock, as if your power (or energy source) is slowly draining from your body.  Your head might feel fuzzy and you might be experiencing depression or anxiety. I hear someone saying: I just need to rest. I can’t handle any more of this. Your response to stress and tension might be to close your eyes, to sleep and to go within, but you cannot pretend that stress and tension do not exist. What you are experiencing is very real. Just because you shut the door and close yourself off from the reality of what is occuring doesn’t mean the reality is no longer there. You might seek to escape the anger, the stress, the tension, the anxiety, the grief or the violence, but that doesn’t mean any of it will just go away. At some point, you will have to recognize your own place in the cycle of what is occurring because this is a cycle and you do have a place within it.  You cannot continue to believe that it’s out of your hands or you cannot do anything to help the situation. You cannot remain motionless any longer. You cannot remain on the sidelines. You cannot stand by and idly watch as the world implodes. The world is changing. Ideas are changing. People are changing. We are all evolving. It’s possible you might feel out of touch with what is really occurring in your environment, but the next generation is coming in forcefully. They want to be seen. They want to be recognized. They want to be supported. And most of all, they want to be heard.  You might believe that you don’t play a role in what others experience or you might believe that what is happening has no relevance to your own life, but it does have relevance, you do play a part. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Even the quiet observer can be seen as complicit. Silence can be read as acquiesce. You will only be part of the change when you use the power of your own voice. Others might not like what they hear, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say it. Stand up for what is right. Do the right thing. Support the people in your environment who want to change the world for the better. People who think outside of the box will lead us into a more diverse and inclusive future. Some people will be hurt. Some people will be left behind. Will it be you? What can you do to experience the best possible outcome? How will you help? How will you express yourself? What tension, anger, frustration, or grief will finally be released once you stand up and do the right thing? How will you liberate yourself?

Five Day Tarot Forecast 5/25-5/29

fivedaytarotforecast5:253 of Wands | 6 of Pentacles | Page of Pentacles | 8 of Swords | 3 of Cups

You look like you are ready to embark on a glorious new adventure. You might be hesitating before one path because you are considering your options and you don’t want to make a mistake. Which path should you choose? What if I told you, you will have a successful outcome no matter what? Stay open to the possibilities. Which choice feeds your curiosity and sense of adventure? Which choice makes you feel solid, secure and safe? Which choice creates some much needed balance in your life? Which choice leads you to a position where you will simply know your self better at the end of the journey? Which choice provides you with friendships that enrich you?

The presence of the 6 of Pentacles tells me some security and stability will be provided. Money is coming in. One of your choices will help you financially. It might not be a ton of money, but it will get you through, and it will make you feel safe. Do you have a side gig you do a few days a week that’s bringing in some extra cash? Did you get a loan or grant through school? Is the government providing you with a financial stipend? These are just a few of the ways, you could start to see your financial picture improve. You might not be exactly where you want to be financially, but you are secure for the moment. You feel a sense of balance.

The Page of Pentacles encourages you to stay eager and stay curious. Keep up with your studies and work to expand your knowledge. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do? Dig in and start learning about it! Don’t be scared to be a beginner. It’s much better to be a beginner who is willing to read and learn as you go. You will gain experience and expertise over time. Did you start some new part time work? Are you considering some summer classes? You have what it takes. Offer your best work and you will see the results you want.

The 8 of Swords is one cautionary: Don’t let a negative voice loop stop you from achieving greatness. You have a strong and powerful mind and you have abilities that not everyone is able to see or appreciate, but you have to appreciate what you do. You have to value yourself, your opinions and your abilities in order for others to see your value. You are good enough. You are worthy. You don’t need to worry. If there is someone in your environment who is planting a seed of doubt, do they really need to be in your inner circle? Now might be a good time to assess the authenticity of your relationships. Who is helping you and who is hurting you? Some people will always be blind to your greatness, but in the end that really says something about the other person and not you. Look for the people who already know you are great. Release anyone who is negative, critical or judgmental of you. You don’t need to impress anyone, stay focused on yourself and the people who are the most supportive.