Ace of Wands: Cultivate with Care

The card of the day is the ACE OF WANDS.

ace of wands (11).jpg

The appearance of this card tells me you have new energy at your disposal that is lighting a fire under your butt.  I know, you have a to-do list a mile long and the only thing you can think is that I want all of this done NOW so I can spend some time with this new idea. My question for you is: Are you clear about the what, when, how, and where of directing this new-found energy? It is important to recognize that this force is in its infancy and will need a lot of support to grow into something tangible.

My advice is to tend to your ideas like you are caring for a newborn baby: by being gentle, applying TLC, and by guiding and supporting this new growth.

Since you are at the beginning, it might be wise to create a sequence for getting your work done. Have a calendar handy? Make sure you pencil in what is you want to get done today that is directly related to this new idea. Have an idea you are not sure what to do with? Maybe you should bounce your ideas off a friend who is known to motivate.

Cultivate your ideas with care and don’t be scared of doing something wrong. Nothing will be ruined, you are at the beginning, just apply the energy and see where it takes you. Let your intuition be your guide, it will lead you in the right direction every time.

Have an idea you are bringing to fruition? Already been applying TLC to get your idea off the ground? Let us know how YOU do it in the comments section. Forums are great for support and brainstorming!

Ace of Wands: Bring it!

Many of you have been following my ‘card of the day’ readings via the Tarot for the Times Business Page on Facebook.  Since the activities over at FB are sort of willy-nilly, and no one really knows what will be happening with all of the changes that are occurring for the business page service, I’ve decided to display my card of the day readings here on my blog – which is actually where they should be! I hope FB users don’t mind opening this link to get the information that is needed.

So, here it is.

The card of the day is the ACE OF WANDS.

ace of wands (11)

Energy. Creativity. Brilliance. Passion.

You have a strong desire to leave your mark on this world. An envy worthy idea is starting to form – pick up the ball and run with it! If you take all of that fiery energy, and direct it towards your vision, it will not be long before your dream has a life of its own. This wand stands at the very beginning, just as you should be; don’t jump into any projects midstream, cultivate your seeds very carefully, and you will soon see them sprout. If you make your mark in sequential order, you will stand a better chance of seeing the fruit of your labor.

Assignment: Before you share your idea, give it shape! Write it all down. Can you envision it in detail – the good and the bad parts?