7 Day Tarot Forecast 6/15-6/21

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King of Pentacles |5 of Swords

Monday/ 9 of Swords: At the beginning of this week you might be feeling overwhelmed or burdened by the power of your own thoughts. Worry doesn’t have to be a constant companion in your life. You can choose something different for yourself.

What thoughts can you pack away for another day? Does every perceived wrong-doing or mistake need your attention today?

We all have regrets. We all make mistakes. We all have moments we wish we could take back or do over – but, is it necessary to have these events or moments on instant replay in our mind as a type of self-inflicted punishment?

Today is a good day to acknowledge your thoughts and any feelings that arise, (you might even feel the need to get those thoughts out of your mind and get them onto paper or to confide in a trusted friend), but don’t let those thoughts sour your inner world. Don’t let those thoughts keep you feeling isolated or alone.

Tuesday/ 3 of Cups: You might really enjoy being part of a small group, but if you are trying to set yourself apart and get others to notice your gifts and talents, you will need to stand in your own light and truly own the movements you make there. Look around and let your social circle expand a little. You are allowed to explore different aspects of your personality and to try new things. Extend yourself. Enjoy some light-hearted moments with new people and see where these connections take you. Allow other people to distract you from any thoughts that make you feel less then you are.

Wednesday/ The Fool: Life is a dance. Part of the experience is allowing the movement to take you someplace you’ve never been before. Don’t allow other people’s opinions to influence the direction you take. Don’t allow other people’s opinions to keep you playing small. What do you want to do entirely on your own? Sometimes other people can hold us back. In order to move in a new direction, you might need to move away from a particular group of people.

Some people in your life will not be able to join you with your next adventure. It is nothing personal. Some people are meant to be with you just for a short period of time, they will return if they are meant to be part of your future experience.

Thursday/ Ace of Wands: A new passion might involve a connection with a mysterious person who doesn’t reveal much. This person might be testing you. Before a connection is firmly established, this person might want to see what you do with the tools you already have at your disposal. This person might want to see you make some real effort and respond when something of value is passed to you. Risk doing something new and unexpected with the tools that are being presented. What happens when you say yes to a new opportunity or experience?

Friday/Knight of Cups: There might be someone in your life who is observing you from a distance. Observation is not necessarily commitment. This person might have something they would like to share with you but they are not going risk exposing themself unless they can see you are receptive to what is being offered.

Saturday/ King of Pentacles: You really don’t have control of other people’s perception of you. Maybe you are perceived as someone who hasn’t had to work very hard for all that you’ve gained or achieved. Maybe you are perceived as someone who is largely unaware of your position of privilege. Maybe you are perceived as someone who is too relaxed.

The reality might be because you have worked so hard, you know you can now relax and enjoy some of what you’ve gained, but the distractions in your environment keep you feeling tense. 

Sunday/ 5 of Swords:  Is your opinion really going to change anything? In your case, a neutral stance is a position of safety. You might feel tired of someone in your environment needing to prove how they are right and you are wrong. Sometimes it’s best to take a break and to walk away from no-win situations.