Five Day Tarot Forecast: 7/29-8/2

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Queen of Pentacles | 4 of Cups | 3 of Cups |9 of Rods | The World

All of your needs are being met. You are safe, you have plenty of resources, and you have supportive friends and family. You don’t need to take on any more emotionally or energetically at this time. I know it is in your nature to say yes, but a yes will not serve you well at the start of this week. What good are you to yourself or others when you feel withered and depleted? Don’t go through the motions, especially when you don’t have to. You don’t need to say yes to anything that feels like a “social obligation”. You don’t need to say yes to more work. You are organized, outgoing and you have plenty of resources, tap into your wide social net work and ask for the assistance if you need. You don’t have to do it all yourself. You can source some of the work out, especially if you give up a little control and allow others to simply support your efforts. There is no reason for you to feel as tired as you do. Practice saying no. Concentrate on repairing your energetic framework. Who or what feeds you creatively or emotionally? By Friday it will be important to really unplug from the rest of the world and to work on repairing yourself. Treat yourself to a special meal. Spend some time by yourself. Focus on what makes you feel young, vital and alive. Close the circle and reserve the energy that is within for yourself.

Monday: Queen of Pentacles. Normally a social person, you just aren’t feeling it this week. Maybe family or work responsibilities are weighing heavily upon you at this time.  My sense is you have taken on too much. You might feel rushed to complete a deadline. There may be a little voice inside of you that insists you have to be the one to do all the work, provide all of the support, and get everything done entirely yourself, but this simply isn’t true. Practice saying no. Some people really can wait. Some decisions can be made next week or next month. You are organized enough to know what needs your immediate attention. You have the ability to prioritize your day-to-day commitments and let some things wait.

Tuesday: 4 of Cups. You might be in a position to accept that creative opportunity or gift if you were not so tired! You are focused on all of your obligations and work responsibilities. It’s hard to feel inspired, motivated or creative if you are always working and are never allow to truly rest. How can you take a moment and rest today?

Wednesday: 3 of Cups. Normally you are up for an outing with friends, but you should definitely say no today. You are struggling with your emotional and energetic health. An outing with the ladies will not help you out today. Also, I see that you simply need to be discerning with the people you choose to be around. Who lifts you up? Who depletes you? If you do hang out with someone, make sure they are nurturing and offering you the type of support and healing you need.

Thursday: 9 of Rods. I hear: 6 down and 3 more to go. Sometimes you just have to make the best of a difficult situation. If you’ve had a challenging work week, or you are finishing up a project, you are almost there. This is why boundaries are so important this week. You simply can’t take on any more than you are already doing without suffering the consequences. Your energetic reserves are tapped. Do what needs to be done and call it a day.

Friday: The World. You made it! Take today off. Shut off your phone. Get some alone time. Concentrate on yourself. If you had a deadline, you definitely completed it. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Someone who is brimming with health, strength and vitality? The only way you will stay that way is if you pay attention to your health, are discerning with your time, and do the necessary repair work to prepare yourself for future goals. What needs to be brought into balance? Where are boundaries truly important? Less is more today. You completed something significant, now it truly is time for you to take a break. With this next cycle, hopefully you have learned to say yes to what is most important. Everything else can wait.

Five Day Tarot Forecast 7/15-7/19

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6 of Cups | The Devil | 5 of Rods (Wands) | The Hermit | 10 of Cups

For many of us, the air is thick with the desire to release and to heal the wounds of the past, but that can’t happen until we speak up about what took place. Sometimes this takes years, and you might continue to work on it now. It might feel uncomfortable to expose it, especially if part of your generational conditioning taught you not to question authority, to mind your own business, or to forget about it when someone in a position of power did something wrong. You may have been told to keep the trauma a secret,  the people around you might not have wanted anyone else to know because they too felt helpless or ashamed. This only goes to show the systemic component of abuse, especially when those people who are in a position to help choose not to because they don’t know what to do or because they are too scared to call people out on their inappropriate and damaging behavior.  As a collective, it feels like we are now in a position to peel back the layers and to expose the story. As difficult as that is, it is the right thing to do. As a collective, it is our job to listen and to support.

The message I am receiving is: For better or worse, you are not alone. Your trust was broken and you are now in a position to work on repairing that part of yourself. You might be reaching out to a group of people who experienced something similar and as a team working on repairing the damage. So many memories are returning to you, not all of them bad, but you are deeply aware that an innocent part of yourself was selfishly taken away. As you work to repair the damage, you become stronger and with time you will be able to heal yourself and others. After many years, I see you are now in a position to teach others that being part of a family is safe, even if you have to build it yourself and show those around you the right way to do it.

Monday: Six of Cups. The summer days of your youth were meant to be fun-filled and happy, and many of them were, but you also have memories others do not share – specifically the ones where you were forced to grow up before your time. It’s difficult to erase the memories that continue to haunt you, it’s also difficult to show up at family gatherings when some family members choose not to address the trauma that occurred. When trust is broken you remember it. Part of your emotional work is to learn how to trust again and to repair trust that has been broken.

Tuesday: The Devil. Today is a partial lunar eclipse and full moon in Capricorn. Today is a good day to question people in authority.  You are also in a position to take back your personal power.

On an emotional level, those of you who were taught to suppress anger or sadness need to get it all out. It’s ok to be angry about what happened. It’s ok to yell or to scream or to cry. This is part of the spectrum of human emotion.  You’ve processed what happened alone for long enough. Stop thinking and start feeling – your grief needs a physical release.

Wednesday: 5 of Rods. Some of you might be in group therapy or sharing what you know with others. I see some of you raising your voice collectively. You are more powerful as a group. Your knowledge will help other people. You are in position to rebuild your own life and to help others rebuild their lives. Part of this work is learning to rely on others and to trusts the people you are working with.

Thursday: The Hermit. The future looks bright. You took the necessary time to heal and you are ready to move forward. The trauma will always be a part of your experience, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue to process it and experience it. You’ve given it enough time.  You are ready to move on.

Friday: 10 of Cups. Your experience taught you how to communicate effectively and to be discerning with building emotional relationships. You are now part of a family you  love and you know you can trust.