7 Day Tarot Forecast: 7/13-7/19 Clear a Path for the New Energy that Wants to Transform Your Experience

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Ace of Wands | Death

You might be a resourceful and organized person, someone who really understands financial systems and how these structures create the support you need to really prosper and thrive in this world. You also might be in control of your family estate or fortune at this moment in time. Others might have to go through you in order to get their share. You hold the purse strings, so to speak, and know legal systems are in place to make sure money is divided evenly and fairly even if some people feel as though they are not getting their fair share. You know that it is fair.

The law is on your side when it comes to balancing the finances between you and other people. The courts might establish some kind of child-support or alimony payments for you or you might have access to a trust-fund that is meant to leave you feeling safe and secure. You know you are now in a position to save and invest and the money you make will put you in a position to nurture and protect what you’ve created. Financial planning is one organized structure that can help you with your long term financial goals. If you are gifted an inheritance be sure to invest in stable systems. Grow your resources. Invest safely and wisely.

You will be rewarded for using logic and reason. Create balance where balance is needed. Do the right thing. Or, you might be in a position where the court system will decide what is right based on the facts. 

One person is moving away from this situation feeling tired and defeated and possibly as though they got a raw deal. But I see this person with a lot of freedom even if they have a lot of thinking to do when it comes to their emotions and what they lost. They know things could have been different had they listened to their heart in this matter. This person has regrets and realizes they lost a good thing. They realize they were unnecessarily selfish and stubborn.

In situations where one parent might be caring for children, I see the other parent on the go, footloose and fancy-free but with a lot less money and seemily a lot less responsibility. What this person doesn’t recognize just yet is this freedom comes at quite a price.

Both parties seem ready to blaze a new trail far into the future. Focus on safety and security. Improve your financial picture. Invest wisely. This includes emotional and energetic investments. Invest wisely.

New energy is your for the taking. Create the space for the new energy to grow into something meaningful. When you clear out the old, you make way for the new to emerge.