Two of Coins: Taking Creative Risks

The card of the day is the TWO OF COINS.

two of coins (11)

It’s not every day that you hear someone say that NOW is the time to focus on yourself, but that is the message that I have for you today. It’s time to find a ‘room of one’s own’ and to inquire, explore, examine, and play with the tools that you have at your disposal. By bringing your attention and an exploratory attitude to the many options that are before you, you will learn more about yourself and become a more interesting person to boot. It’s funny how that works – people are always drawn to those individuals who are willing to risk learning something new.

This card encourages you to explore your environment and to make choices in favor of self-improvement and personal growth. It would be great if one or more choices should eventually lead to mastery of a subject, but this should not be the goal at this time.

What have you always wanted to do? Want to learn French? Build a kite? Learn about your family history? What small steps can you make today that will help you realize this goal?

If you feel inclined, we would love to hear about your Two of Coins moments in the comments! What creative risks are you taking and how are you growing from this experience?



Two of Coins: Just Me, Myself and I

The card of the day is the TWO OF COINS.

two of coins (11)

Now is a good time to focus on yourself. You will find out more about who you are if you take the time to play and learn about different life philosophies. Don’t be scared to simply gather information because no action is needed here – other than to learn about the world around you.

Play, explore, examine, inquire.

If you apply yourself to some serious self-education you will know which areas of your life are worth putting energy into and which areas of your life were only meant to entertain you. It’s ok, you have my permission to let go of the things that are not right for the person you are right now. There will be other options and more opportunities to come.

When you learn to play with new ideas, you develop the ability to differentiate between the ones that will bring you luck and success and the ones that were only meant to be explored in a cursory way.