Five of Wands: Stop Spinning Your Wheels

The card of the day is the FIVE OF WANDS.

five of wansJPG

Spinning your wheels can be tiresome – no one wants to put a lot of work into something that they never gain a reward for. You are in danger of not reaching the completion stage – but, it’s not from lack of effort. If you are working with others, make sure everyone understands their piece of the puzzle. You will only be able to get something accomplished if everyone is on board and has a clearly defined role in the project. Try and work together, not against each other. Sometimes a strong project manager can add the necessary leadership, at other times the manager is the problem! Just do the best you can. Sometimes there is strength in numbers, at other times you will want to go it alone. That’s ok! Maybe the project needs to be broken down into manageable sections where people can work independently.

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