Temperance: Slow Your Roll

The card of the day is TEMPERANCE.

temperance (11)

Balance. Moderation. Healing. Insight.

The human body is as strong as it is delicate. You need to listen to your body’s cues that are telling you when fine tuning is needed. Have you been over indulging in one of the necessary evils (refined sugar, salt, or poor quality fats)? Staying up late and waking up early? Drinking or smoking excessively? Trust me, you will not be able to keep this lifestyle up for long! Take the appearance of this card as a timely message: make the necessary changes and take it easy! The quickest way to wear yourself out is to move into high gear and stay there. The presence of the Temperance angel reminds you that it is time to slow things down and to create a space for solitude in order to regenerate. You need to strike a balance with what you eat and drink in order to feel better about yourself and your situation. If you start with the fundamentals of nutrition, you will gradually notice a very significant difference in your mental outlook on life.

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