The Empress: Nurturing Your Ideas

The card of the day is the EMPRESS.

Empress (11)

The Empress is the mother archetype of the tarot. You might be a mother yourself, newly pregnant, or just incubating an idea that has a lot of potential for growth. Whatever area of life this card affects, it’s a clear indication that creativity, fertility, and nurturing will somehow be important for you today.

Please know that you have what it takes to create a great masterpiece! Is it possible that your own life is the springboard for whatever it is you will create?

Are you professional mother who runs a tight ship and puts a lot of love and energy into the food and clothing you make for your family?

Are you an artist (writer, poet) who is in the process of bringing a great vision to fruition?

Are you an entrepreneur who is working hard to manifest your dream (ideal, vision)?

Remember that everyone has a unique voice and something of interest to share with the world. Now is the time to start sharing that vision. Don’t worry, it will not feel like work. You will enjoy whatever it is you are doing and your ability to nurture whatever is growing inside of you will come naturally because it will feel absolutely right.

Some more questions to keep in mind:

Who or what in your life needs nurturing? How are you creative and which ideas or activities have the most potential for growth?



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