Free Tarot Reading: Patience+Persistence+Proper Pacing=Progress

Tarot Message for the Week:

9 of Cups     Queen of Wands     Judgement

I’m really awesome, but I’m the only one that knows it.

Just a little patience, yeah, yeah….

What are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!

Quick clues to the tarot message for the week:

The 9 of Cups represents a dream, desire, or wish — something that you want to manifest in your life, but, with this wish comes great responsibility. You have to do the work, regardless of what that work looks like. It’s not always stars and sparkles when you are trying to get a project off the ground — do the dirty work too. If this project has been in a gestation period for 9 months, now is the time to start telling everyone you know!

The presence of the Queen of Wands tells me you are up for the task, you don’t need anyone to help you, you might even be someone who likes most of the creative control anyway. You know what to do and who to speak with to get the outcome or experience you desire — use your network and keep the lines of communication open.

For this reading, the Judgement card has a dual purpose: to let you know you are definitely heading in the right direction with your creative project, but, when you get really close to achieving your goal you start to doubt yourself and back pedal. Keep your doubts at bay, and really focus on an outcome. You are so close to getting what you want, why don’t you finish what you started regardless of what you think it looks like? You are your own worst critic, let your audience be the judge.

Here’s a story:

A few years ago, I went cycling with my husband (who is a far more experienced cyclist than I am) and we decided to ride our bikes to the Sandy River that was about 15 miles away from our home. Getting to the river was a breeze, but the return trip presented a very painful hill that I knew was going to be a challenge for me to climb. When it was time to leave (and do the work) my husband did his best to cheer me on with songs of triumph and overcoming obstacles (the theme from Rocky comes to mind), but I was stuck in a negative thought pattern (When is this ride going to be over?) and felt genuinely angry that I had to climb this hill.  My resistance was strong: I didn’t want to climb this hill slowly, I wanted to power through the experience and get it over with, I wanted to be on top of the hill  (achieve my goal).  What I needed was a combination of patience and persistence.

Eventually, I DID make it to the top of the hill and I did feel like I had accomplished something, but, the real lesson was that I needed to slow down and accept the challenge that was presented as being part of the overall experience (even if it didn’t meet my expectation) instead of trying to power through and ignore what I perceived as an obstacle.

Here’s a great quoted from Steven Pressfield, author of the War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles, if you change the word “professional” to whatever it is you are working on (parenting, cat-wrangling, art, etc.) you can apply in whatever way you see fit:

“The professional steels himself at the start of a project, reminding himself it is the Iditarod, not the sixty-yard dash. He conserves energy. He prepares his mind for the long haul. He sustains himself with the knowledge that if he can just keep those huskies mushing, sooner or later the sled will pull in to Nome.”

Advice: Sing your song and allow other people to hear it; stop judging the progress you’ve already made. Do something to get your project out into the world. Use the “go tiger” attitude that is symbolized by the presence of the Queen of Wands. Use your network by making phone calls, sending emails, using your blog or social media, get your information out into the world, and, just wait. There is a big difference between productive waiting and just sitting back doing nothing.

Just a little patience, yeah, yeah, so sang Guns N’ Roses, but it’s more than that. It’s patience coupled with proper pacing and productivity. You might have to organize or work on some of the details, but you are almost finished!

Does this reading resonate with you? If you are working on getting your own creativity or passion off the ground maybe a tarot reading with me will help get you past any real or imagined blocks you might be experiencing.

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The Empress: Nurturing Your Ideas

The card of the day is the EMPRESS.

The Empress is the mother archetype of the tarot. You might be a mother yourself, newly pregnant, or just incubating an idea that has a lot of potential for growth. Whatever area of life this card affects, it’s a clear indication that creativity, fertility, and nurturing will somehow be important for you today.

Please know that you have what it takes to create a great masterpiece! Is it possible that your own life is the springboard for whatever it is you will create?

Are you professional mother who runs a tight ship and puts a lot of love and energy into the food and clothing you make for your family?

Are you an artist (writer, poet) who is in the process of bringing a great vision to fruition?

Are you an entrepreneur who is working hard to manifest your dream (ideal, vision)?

Remember that everyone has a unique voice and something of interest to share with the world. Now is the time to start sharing that vision. Don’t worry, it will not feel like work. You will enjoy whatever it is you are doing and your ability to nurture whatever is growing inside of you will come naturally because it will feel absolutely right.

Some more questions to keep in mind:

Who or what in your life needs nurturing? How are you creative and which ideas or activities have the most potential for growth?