Seven of Swords: Under Pressure

The card of the day is the SEVEN OF SWORDS.

7 of Swords (11)

Whoa, just whoa! You have a good idea that is about to be sent back to the drawing board because your mind is applying too much pressure. You are working overtime to try to speed up the process and realize your goal before someone else beats you too it. Let me stress: you are not running out of time. It is still possible for this idea to be as amazing as you envision, but it will require you to take your foot off the gas pedal and to slow way, way down. You will NOT receive the results you desire by speeding the process up. In fact, you will accomplish just the opposite. If you rush you will make more mistakes and will have to correct errors made along the way. I know you might feel under the gun to get this project off the ground, but you need to give your idea the space it needs to develop and allow your project to take shape organically. You will know it is time to take a step back when your mind says,  “No, it has to be like this!”

Don’t force it, just let it be what it’s going to be.

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