Four of Cups: Fear is Just Another Four Letter Word

The card of the day is the FOUR OF CUPS.

four of cups(11)

Are you turning away from a potential opportunity for the right reasons?

There is a big difference between consciously choosing to let an opportunity pass you by because you decide not to take on  a new challenge and letting an opportunity slip away because you are scared, confused, or caught in a state of ennui. The Four of Cups explores how you feel about missed opportunities. Sometimes saying ‘no’ to an option can bring relief like you wouldn’t believe: “Thank god I decided not to do that!” At other times, saying ‘no’ creates sadness and guilt as you add the missed opportunity to the sea of lost opportunities that you are tallying in your mind. Either way, it is important to explore what you are really scared of.

Take a moment and write down four of your biggest fears that are connected to an opportunity that is being presented to you. Are your fears justified? How do you feel about saying ‘yes’ to this option? How do you feel about saying ‘no’ to this option?

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