Queen of Wands: Who’s THAT girl?

The card of the day is the QUEEN OF WANDS.

queen of wandsJPG

Deck used: Motherpeace. Priestess of Wands is the Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is the perfect creative partner. Innovative, intelligent, classic, chic. Full of laughter and life, she is high energy. Always the extrovert, she has the ability to pull a story out of stone; even a wallflower will risk conversation for the opportunity to harness some of the creative and sexual energy that flows from her. You will want her presence at any event.

She is connected to the animal world; grounded by instinct and keenly aware of the primal intuition that speaks to her at just the right moment.

The queen of wands is a welcome card to see when you are working on any project that has meaning; her presence insinuates that the work feeds your soul and you will garner a passionate response from others.

She encourages you to take some friendly advice: in order to feel alive you have to live more, and you have to teach others to do the same.

Taking risks will lead to fun, adventure, and success.

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