Death: Out with the Old, In with the New

The card of the day is DEATH.

death (11)

Deck used: Morgan Greer Tarot.

The Death card should not be feared; it is a welcome card to see when you are in a state of transition because its appearance indicates that you are working really hard to accept the changes that occurring in your life. How long it takes for these changes to occur with your way of thinking, lifestyle, or with friendships  – I cannot say. I do know that people who no longer serve the person you are TODAY will fall by the wayside, but it will be for the best.

There are two lessons to be learned from the Death card, one lesson is about TRUST, and the second lesson is about ACCEPTANCE. If you trust that your decisions are leading you in the right direction, and accept what is no longer meant to be, you will be able to bring more of your authentic self (spirit, ego, creativity, confidence) into the world.

Exciting stuff, huh?

You might see the Death card appear during any major transition or milestone such as: adolescence to adulthood, marriage, the birth of your first child, during your Saturn Return, buying a new home, stepping into the career you’ve always dreamed of, or any number of other possibilities.

How do YOU use trust and acceptance during a state of transition? Please share your experience with us in the comments section! 

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