Page of Cups: Love What You Do, Do What You Love

The card of the day is the PAGE OF CUPS.

page of cups (11)

The page of cups symbolizes an introverted and creative youth who lets her intuition guide her to new learning opportunities that encourage emotional and/or spiritual growth. Pages are often considered messengers, so be on the lookout for any news that stirs your heart or touches your spirit because it is the realization of your dreams that is important today.

What fantasy or vision are you interested in exploring? Want to write a book, play the violin, dance? Today is the day. Let your intuition lead you to the area you want to explore and let your spirit shine through! There is always an element of risk involved with putting your heart into any new experience, but it is important to remember that anything that you do with love will be significant.

Be open to receiving any subtle messages that lead you to opportunities that have emotional, creative, or spiritual potential.

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