Ten of Cups: Community, Trust, and Emotional Support

The card of the day is the TEN OF CUPS.

10 of cups (11)

The appearance of the ten of cups tells me that emotionally, you are in a very secure position. Your family of origin or family of choice has created a cushion of protection around you and you can trust that it will always be there to protect and nurture you when you need it. You feel good knowing that you’ve had a hand in creating this tight-knit community whose members are able to feel vulnerable around each other and trust that they will still be loved. You feel safe.

Today is a good day to share your emotional riches with others. When you operate from a position of emotional stability, you are able to be more receptive and empathetic to what others are feeling.

Think about this:

Who needs sympathy, understanding, or support in your community and how can you provide it?


Tap into the emotional undercurrent in your community and see where it takes you.

How is the role of ‘support person’ exchanged in your community? Do you see how it serves your community to have members be open, understanding, and empathetic? How so?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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