Free Tarot Reading: Handling Your Piece of the Puzzle

Tarot message for this week:

10 of Cups     8 of Cups     5 of Wands

deck used: Motherpeace

Socially, you want community, you want to be around people who “get you”. Finding your people is sometimes an undertaking, especially if you notice your family of origin doesn’t create the type of community you crave. But you know what? You can attract the community you need.

Be open, lead with your heart, but remember to create boundaries where appropriate. You only have so much energy to share with other people in this world, so make your choices wisely.

The advice?

Let go of toxic relationships, take responsibility for how you have used your emotional opportunities.

By taking stock and being honest, what’s the worst that can happen? You might choose to “work it out” with the people you are in conflict with, but be prepared to let go of some control. Handle your own piece of the emotional puzzle and allow others to handle their piece.

It’s ok to walk away from conflict; work with your strengths. You can’t control the actions of others but you can control your own.

Some questions to consider:

On an emotional level, who are you responsible for? Who do you need to establish emotional boundaries with? By addressing your fears about the relationship, how does it empower you to make choices that are right for you? How can you take a step back and deal with your part of the relationship?

You will find a solution by handling the details of your own life. If someone doesn’t “get you” or your method, it’s on them. You’ve decided to walk away from the heat.

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10 of Cups: Cheers!

The card of the day is the TEN OF CUPS.

10 of cupsJPG

deck used: Morgan Greer tarot

On an emotional level, you feel supported, protected, nurtured, and loved. The emotional support that I speak of comes from members of your community: your significant other, your neighbors, your friends, your family, your coworkers – anyone you trust. In fact, you are in such a comfortable place within your community, you are able to extend love and emotional support to others without feeling burdened or overwhelmed. You listen because you love. You tell stories because you want to entertain. You meet up with members of your community because you have energy and you want to share the experience of life and create valuable memories.

It’s a good time to say ‘yes’ to any social invitations that appeal to you. Remember that whether you choose to celebrate traditional holidays or not, there will be no shortage of pleasant conversation, dining experiences, and opportunities to connect this month (which doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering it is the month of December and all…).

Make an effort to connect with your family of choice and/or your family of origin.