Five Day Tarot Forecast: March 24th

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a Five Day Tarot Forecast, but I figure we can all use some loving guidance right now with these uncertain times. I chose the Bix Tarot to use for the reading, honestly not my go-to style of deck, but I was seeking a light and playful approach and this one fit the bill. 


Page of Pentacles | The Magician | 3 of Swords | 7 of Wands | 8 of Coins

You can still start something new. What have you always wanted to try? Maybe your approach looks a little different at this moment in time, that’s ok, remember to breathe. Ground yourself in your physical body, and start to explore your options in a slightly different way. Doors will open to you, so stay curious and eager. This momentary pause is not a good enough reason to scrap what you’ve been working on, now is the time to stay active, even if that activity feels routine or mundane, keep going. You don’t have time to for self pity or grief over losing something you really wanted. Look to the future: I see you getting your foothold and thriving with the support of peers around you. Don’t see your peers as competition, recognize you can learn from each other. A new source of income is coming your way, spend some time with your ideas and bring them to life, you will have something of value to share in the near future. 

Page of Pentacles – You have a solid money-making idea, why not run with it? If you sense one idea, outshining the rest, you should invest some of  your time and energy into making sure it gets off the ground. 

The MagicianWhat you are creating doesn’t need to be perfect idea in order to be successful. The only thing that really matters here is your intention and your desire to create something truly original. Also, the work part. You need to do the work.

3 of Swords Don’t allow mean-spirited words to poison your thoughts or the well of creativity that would like to flow from you. You have something that you need to communicate with the world, so let it be known and don’t worry about what others think of the result of what you are creating. In a way, it’s none of their business.

7 of Wands You might feel like you are struggling to keep your balance, but you are still on top and you are surrounded by people who want to see you succeed. Look at the people around you as your allies. Who has time for anything else? If someone isn’t supporting your effort and not cheering you on, they don’t really need a front row seat at your performance.

8 of Pentacles – You don’t have time for any drama or unnecessary distractions. Follow your own instincts and carve out time to work on your projects each and everyday. Don’t allow fear or insecurity to cloud your judgement. if you invest the time you will see clear results and others will support your efforts.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 4/12-4/14

Weekend Tarot Forecast (14)

Two of Swords | Justice | King of Pentacles

You might be feeling really aware of how everyone involved in this situation has their own version of truth. Black and white thinking can be tricky that way– are there really no shades of gray? If you are on the sidelines watching a dispute: is it difficult to discern who is right and who is wrong? What if you want to see more evidence or to hear another person’s version of the story? Is there really no way to compromise? Whatever happened to meeting someone half way? Or taking into account the full picture which paints the story of two individuals believing they are both right based on their version of the truth? Is it possible for two people to be right? What if you are both just being stubborn? Do you really believe this is the right thing to do, or do you just want to be right? And, if this battle involves a third person: What is right for them?

Justice will create balance regardless of what feels truly fair or just to you as an individual. Justice can take personal control and choice away, sometimes in favor of the law deciding what is right. What are the facts? What are the rules? And who are the rules going to favor in this particular situation? Sometimes our system of checks and balances or the legal system can feel inherently one-sided or out of balance because you need to know what the rules are in order to follow them and you need to have the capital in order to participate in the system. Does this system favor the privileged few who know the rules and have the resources to advocate their position? Something to think about.

Maybe there is someone in your environment who is willing to help you and they have the funds to do it. What resources are available to you? Is there a group who is willing to assist you with your position? Justice can work in your favor too. Ask for help. Look for an advocate.