5 Day Tarot Forecast 1/28-2/1

5 day tarot forecast

The Devil | The Lovers | The Moon | 10 of Wands | Death

This week reflects many challenges, lessons and opportunities to explore the shadow aspects of your own personality and to make some steps to heal it. Who or what controls you? How do you give your power away? Where are you stuck in your own life? Last weekend we touched on ways someone might be able to bring balance into their life by taking control of their health, this week we are confronted with what is out of balance. This is a good thing. I can see what you need to work on.

Insecurity, addiction, and depression do not make you an evil person, it makes you someone who is having a very human experience. You might be really aware of your emotions and you might make choices that either heighten what you feel or diminish it. If you are inclined towards addiction, you  might use your addiction to create space, as I see someone who is sensitive,  maybe even empathic. Sometimes I see people reach for substances in order to create boundaries with other people or themselves. If you feel drained by others, you might reach for a substance to “recharge”, but after some time, you will simply feel depleted and it will not have the same “uplifting” effect.

I see someone with an experimental disposition and it looks like that experimentation has gotten out of control and might be making you feel vulnerable or powerless. You have to name what it is to heal it. Do not dance around what is going on or pretend it doesn’t exist.

Monday: The Devil. What steps might you take to reclaim your power? Who or what controls you? Confront your demons face to face. Stay strong and say no. You are stronger than your addiction and you are stronger than what controls you. You are also, not alone. Other people have experienced what you are experiencing, put your feelers out and find someone who has successfully escaped the very situation you are in. They are out there.

Tuesday: The Lovers. A bubble of protection. You are feeling stronger today. and energetically lighter. I see you raising your energy and vibration as you raise your level of awareness. You are taking better care of yourself today. It’s a good day to practice some simple meditation techniques that focus on shielding your aura and your psychic space. You are in a position to make a loving and healing choice for yourself. Your choice must come from the heart. Prioritize your needs. Choose yourself. See yourself in the most favorable light. Picture yourself at your brightest and most brilliant. Envision healing and protective white light coming out from your heart and surrounding and merging the two aspects of your personality – what is in shadow and what is in light. The two must co-exist together. Today is a good day to open a line of communication with someone you love and trust about what you are experiencing.

Wednesday: The Moon. No one can ever truly know what you feel unless you share it with them. If you feel like you are drowning in emotion, call out for help. There is help available. Your own mind might be working against you today reminding you of all the reasons you want to make unhealthy choices. Is it so you won’t feel anything? How might you do things differently today? How can you take what you are feeling and transform it? Look for an understanding friend and talk with them about your experience.

Thursday: 10 of Wands. I see you taking the steps to walk away from that which controls you. I know it’s hard and it feels like you are doing it all alone. You are so tired. Energetically you have taken on so much and you carry such a heavy burden, but your choice to move forward is the right decision even if you feel alone and it is the hardest thing you have ever done. When you arrive you will be able to rest and you will be able to transform your image. Take the risk, even if it is difficult.

Friday: Death. Shapeshifter. You have confronted what is deepest and darkest within you and you are not looking back. You cannot continue to be the person you were before. You need to change. You must transform. Now is also the time to purge. Who is holding you back? Cut them out. What experiences leave you feeling raw and barren? Cut out the people or experiences that leave you feeling powerless. Over time, your thoughts will lighten, and the darkest part of what you confronted with feel like a distant memory. The transformation will not be easy, but it is necessary and it will become easier over time. The changes will create more opportunities and enhance the quality of your life.

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