Five Day Tarot Forecast: 4/20-4/24

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It’s like you are being offered opportunities that you are not taking advantage of. What are your reasons for not responding? I do see some clear signs of escapism. You might be feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by too many obligations at this time (escapism might be how you cope with stress and it can look like: excessive drinking, excessive pot-smoking, excessive social media time or even excessive sleeping, if it’s more than you need).

Be mindful of your opportunities as they are presented because some opportunities will not come around a second time. You might miss something really special if you focus too heavily upon the leisure-lifestyle. There really can be too much of a good thing – even while in quarantine. 

Remind yourself of who you truly are: independent, trust-worthy, accountable, organized, and prosperous (even during quarantine). You are someone who is able to handle the details; if you work with others they know they can depend on you to do your part. Best of all – you enjoy what you do. If you work for yourself, this work feels like a great fit and if you work with others but are given a lot of autonomy at your job, you are a great fit for the team you work with and people genuinely like you.

I know you are tired and I know you feel like you don’t want to take on any more responsibility at this time. What burdens can you set down? How can you manage your stress level a little more healthfully and a little more responsibly? Where do you truly need to focus?

As you near the end of the week, I see other people admiring your work. You give your work your very best and it shines. Others think highly of you and they know you go above and beyond. This type of admiration is what leads to raises and future job prospects. Always do your best work, especially when you are signing your name to it. And, I think you need to know your best work, isn’t always perfect work. Sometimes your best work, is showing up when others do not. Sometimes your best work is trying hard. Sometimes your best work is being proud of what you do and not judging the results more harshly than the people around you do. 

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