You Are More Than An Addiction

Lately, I’ve been posting the channeled messages I receive to my Twitter feed. I am an intuitive, so when I go for a jog or a bike ride, I have already predetermined this is my allotted time to receive spiritual messages for myself and for the community that reads what I write.

Last month, I received this message: You are more than your addiction.

I felt sort of uncomfortable when I heard it because I am someone who actually doesn’t like to judge anyone for their choices whether they are good or bad, and I also don’t like to judge myself in this way either. But, I sat with this message, and as I thought more about it, I realized it is in fact a message for everyone because everyone does indeed have an addiction, and if someone claims they do not, some bells go off that really tell me otherwise. Of course, some addictions are physically harmful, while others are mentally or emotionally harmful.

I felt this message was a call for some of us to do some shadow work and to really come to terms with who or what controls us. Sure, you can be addicted to drugs and alcohol, but also chocolate, love, control, sex, anger, running, sugar, criticism — you name it, the work really becomes about deciding what is healthy for you and what is not.

Do you spend a great deal of time thinking about your addiction? Does your addiction interfere with your life purpose? Does your addiction interfere with your relationships? How does it make you feel to indulge?

With this channeled message in mind, I decided to create a tarot spread that explores the message and this is what I’ve determined:

This tarot spread is free form. I asked which card represents the message and the 6 of Swords appeared. I chose six more cards to add insight to the message of the 6 of Swords.

Crowning the spread, the SIx of Swords represents the message. I was happy to see this card. It tells me that you are ready to move on from whatever pain has been caused as a result of the addiction. I was also happy to see that you are moving on with friends and family near you. Everyone would like to move into this next year feeling lighter, happier and more carefree. If you are able to leave what controls you in the past, the future that awaits you is positive and bright. Everyone involved knows that part of your work is simply to create the appropriate boundaries, but this is easier said than done.

I see a couple experiencing transformation related to the theme addiction. Part of the work is related to boundaries, but some of it is also karmic. You might have experienced a twin flame connection with someone. Maybe you’ve had an addiction to a particular person or way of being from lifetime to lifetime and now you are finally ready to do things differently. You are no longer willing to be an enabler, you are only inviting relationships in that feel balanced and reciprocal. You want something that feels fair and just for all involved.

On the left side, the Magician stands alone ready to do the necessary work to transform his experience. By staying active and focusing his attention on what he knows he is able to transform himself. The presence of the 10 of Swords tells me this addiction has caused an ending that was painful but also necessary. Only by accepting what is no longer there will this person ever be able to see what can truly make him happy.

On the right side, the Empress has come to terms with how much of herself she has given to this addiction. I do feel that the inability to create boundaries made it much more difficult for this person. The Empress is a giver and a provide her – she might have wanted to mother someone having a difficult experience, but now that time is over. The presence of the Death card tells me the Empress is ready to clear out the past in a permanent way that creates the necessary space to heal. The Empress might be focusing on her physical body and making movement more of a priority as well as healthier foods that improve her digestive health.

Justice and the Six of Pentacles are at the bottom of the spread. Balance is a necessary part of this cycle. Without balance things will stay the same and the cycle will be repeated, but with the appropriate boundaries in place and some loving attention directed at the self, transformation for the better will occur. Give to yourself and give to those who give back. Make your community feel smaller, tighter, and safer. Make honesty and trust a priority.

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