Spiritual Work That Heals More than Just You 2/8-2/12


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There might be someone in your environment helping you to heal on a soul level. What you don’t need to know is who, when, where, why, or how. Your mind is not going to help you with this process, but what you feel will. This healing is necessary. The experience will help you accept yourself and to find the courage to move in a more meaningful direction. You will start to show up more powerfully and authentically to the world around you giving your work more credibility and visibility as well.

In the past few weeks, we’ve hit some icy patches where emotions are concerned. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be still. Allow emotions to come to the surface and allow yourself to feel. Grieve if you need to. You might be letting go of something, someone or some aspect of life that felt really important to you.

You might be someone who was taught that it’s not ok to express emotion, especially in front of others, but sometimes this is exactly what needs to happen. The more people we see expressing how they feel the stronger our emotional intelligence becomes as a collective and honestly, the more feeling something is normalized. If you can’t grieve in front of another person, look into a mirror and be that witness for your own grief. Forgive yourself for having the expectation that you should somehow arrive as this perfect person that is able to please everyone instead of just showing up as yourself. When you release pain, sadness, grief–you help others with this process too. You help the collective.

It’s a relief to see the Justice card in the mix. If you are someone who struggled with boundaries in the past, you are now someone who has learned a significant lesson and you will not tolerate anyone who doesn’t take you seriously. No longer will you extend yourself emotionally to those who cannot meet you halfway and no longer will you have the expectation that someone you don’t know should somehow know to provide for you emotionally, spiritually or energetically. It’s a win-win. What you are working on is so much greater than yourself. Your emotional work also helps with yours lineage and extends to your family.

Rest assured, you have a place at more than one table. You don’t have to sit with the same people each and every time. You are free to explore and know those relationships will still be there. On a soul level you might have connected with many people you have met in other life times, but also be open to meeting new souls that might have something new to teach you. You can’t always be the teacher, even though you might greatly enjoy that role, sometimes you need to let yourself be the student and allow others to show you the way in this incarnation. Arrive as someone who is humble. Arrive as someone who is respectful. Arrive as someone who listens. Arrive as someone who is willing to learn. Be discerning. Model integrity. Recognize you don’t know it all and be cautious around those people who express that they do know it all.

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Work That Heals More than Just You 2/8-2/12

  1. Thank you for sharing this forecast. It’s very generous of you — I won’t forget it. Right now, I can only offer my words and appreciation. So much in this post speaks to me, regardless of the tarot aspect. I’ve read it twice, and paragraph 3 is just stellar.

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