Five Day Tarot Forecast 9/9-9/13

five day tarot forecsatJustice | The High Priestess | Queen of Wands |The World | The Hermit

A powerful week. I see you really putting yourself out there. If you are trying to get to the next level with your career, part of the work really is to look and act the part. This means you are going to be really busy. People are easily charmed by you, but you still need to market yourself, make sure everyone sees you. I see someone who is intuitive, ethical, creative and high integrity. You can do it all. These are incredible gifts to use with any profession. If you are signing a contract this week, go over it thoroughly. You are looking for a fair deal because this work comes naturally to you. Make sure that your skills are truly high lighted. You are a boss, not a beginner. The key to your success is highlighting your outer wisdom with inner knowing. When you combine the two, you truly sparkle. Promote yourself, put yourself out there. Dress the part. Later in the week, you are able to catch your breathe, but it’s not a pause of relaxation, it’s a pause of satisfaction. When you go within you know your life’s work has real substance and meaning. When you reflect on your life, you know when you take some risks with your intuition, you come out looking like a master who is able to guide others along this path. 

Monday: Justice. Go over any contracts with a fine tooth comb. When the deal is done, it’s done. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and it’s a fair deal. You’ve worked really hard to get to this level, make sure your work, what you contributed to this process is in writing. 

Tuesday: The High Priestess. I would tell you, but I know that you already know. Pay attention to the messages you are receiving, they are the secrets to your success and trade secrets should be kept under wraps until there is a fair deal in place that high lights your true gifts.

Wednesday: Queen of Wands. Part of your work is to look the part. Market yourself. Highlight your brand. Network! Talk with people in your field. 

Thursday: The World. You have a reason to feel satisfied. You put yourself out there and you manifested what you wanted. It wasn’t easy, but you can sit back and reflect and feel satisfied knowing you have what it takes. 

Friday: The Hermit. You got to this place by being yourself. Show others the way. There is a teacher within you. Show others how to do what you have done.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 9/6-9/8

Weekend Tarot Forecast(18)3 of Swords | 2 of Wands | Queen of Cups

(Back story for the 3 of Swords: Page of Cups | 5 of Pentacles | King of Swords)

What do you need to express? What do you need to feel? What do you need to release?

The choice to end it was the right thing to do, but you know this, the back story just continues to haunt you. How can you actively release these painful memories?

The back story:

At the time he may have been the smartest person you had ever met, but he was not emotionally available and he was never able to appreciate the intuitive artist within you. The love, compassion and creativity you had to offer was meant to inspire and impress, but he was never able to truly see you. You wanted to be taken seriously as an artist, but all of your attempts to prove yourself were met by someone who didn’t understand you have the soul of an artist. You lovingly offered all that you had, not knowing that he would never be able to reciprocate the love, compassion, vulnerability or kindness you had to offer. He didn’t deserve you.

It took you many years to make the decision to end it, but you did it. You knew there was nothing left of the person you were, the only option was to risk starting over. The young, loving, creative and spiritual person you were was suffering and suffocating from a type of emotional, physical and spiritual impoverishment that had been place on you by another person. That’s not how you wanted to live your life. The only option was to start over.

Present day:

You’ve done a lot of work on those memories, but they continue to rear their ugly head. Now, it looks like you are finally ready to let them go once and for all.

I see someone actively saying goodbye to a painful past and embracing a hopeful future. You don’t have all of the answers but you have a curious spirit and there is someone in your environment you are able to trust with your backstory. Someone with a similar spirit to your own. You were always meant to connect with someone who was able to see you. This person offers you adventure, nurturance, creativity and love. You finally met your spiritual match in someone who sees you for the artist you are. Together, you go out to meet success and adventure knowing that a curious, kind and hopeful heart have a way of softening your view of the world.

What is being offered to you at this time? Saying yes will lead you on the adventure of a lifetime.