5 Day Tarot Forecast 2/4-2/8

Tarot Forecast (13)

Death | King of Pentacles | Two of Pentacles | Six of Pentacles | Princess of Pentacles

This week you will get clear on what you want to leave in the past. Something in your life will come to a complete and total end in order to create space to fully step into a prosperous future where your gifts and talents are fully appreciated. By the end of the week, be willing to risk starting something new. It will be the right choice.

Monday: Death. New Moon in Aquarius. It’s difficult to make wishes and plant seeds of intention when there is some baggage from the past that clings to your every move. The Death card is actually your friend. This card will encourage you to purge. Release what isn’t working. You’ve done a lot of work in this area already but, there are just a few more steps to take in order for the new you to emerge. A new start can’t begin with what wasn’t working in 2018. Use today to do a little ritual that sets the intention to truly release what wasn’t working. Cut it all out. People, situations, negativity, old ways of being, people who were holding you back and not wanting you to be who you truly are. Who didn’t want you to succeed? Cut them out.

Today is a good day to do some ritual cleaning. Choose 1 room to clean. Maybe it’s the bathroom. While you are cleaning think about what you want to leave behind in 2018 and what you want to replace it with in 2019. If you are leaving negativity behind maybe you are replacing it with self-love or happiness. It’s for you to decide. 

If you decided your bathroom was the room to clean, all the better. When your bathroom is clean, draw yourself a bath and place a handful of rock salt or Epsom salt in the tub as it fills holding the simple intention of resetting or recalibrating yourself and finding the real you. A healthy version of yourself is free of conflict, grief, pain, resentment, anger, and frustration. Release any emotions that are not serving you at this moment. What still clings to you? You will want to soak it all away and let any emotions that are not helping you thrive go down the drain. Separate your emotions from the emotions of others. What do you want to feel? Light? Happy? Energized? Set your intention to recalibrate your physical, mental and emotional body. 

When you feel light and free make some wishes! You will get what you ask for, so write it down and make it clear.

Tuesday: King of Pentacles. Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig! A lucky and prosperous day. Are you making space for your own abundance to grow? You might receive a new job offer, bonus or pay raise today. How are you going to make the extra money work for you? Make an investments and watch it grow over time. The King of Pentacles represents a prosperous person (a banker, a land owner, a philanthroper). Do you want prosperity? Model prosperity and make it so. It is our human right to thrive. If you felt prosperity was missing in the previous year, make it your goal to thrive in the coming months.

Wednesday: Two of Pentacles. It looks like someone is willing to take a risk on you. You work intuitively and you are very selective about your own path. You make steps with intention. Remember, no step is wrong, as long as you are making your choice from the heart you will not be led in the wrong direction. You have to trust the path you are creating is the path that is meant for you and others to follow. Lead the way. A new way of being in the world is opening to you.

Thursday:  Six of Pentacles. You should feel proud of your work. Share what you have with others. It represents the real you. You have achieved something great and you will have something to show for it. Maybe you will receive a loan or a grant or some type of positions that acknowledges the good work you’ve done in the world. Sometimes we just need to ask for it and the money, favor, or work will materialize. You will have to name it to claim it.

Friday: Princess of Pentacles. A new job, a new opportunity, a seed of potential related to your prosperity. Say thank you. Even if you feel like you are completely starting over. Say thank you. The ability to start over and to learn something new about yourself is a gift.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 2/1-2/3


Page of Cups | Queen of Coins | The Fountain ( An additional card specific to the Fountain Tarot creating a deck of 79 instead of the tradition 78.)

The Weekend Tarot Forecast is short and sweet. Make time for your creativity. Play with whatever sparks your interest. Remember: All that glitters is gold. What do you value? 

Does your work light you up inside? When you do what you love all people and distractions should fall away as you concentrate on what is connected to your own heart. The rhythm of your work should create a meditation, when you are in it, time seems to stop and you can play with your tools for hours on end. This also means you should cut out any distraction so you can concentrate on shaping your talent. The Page of Cups tells me you might feel like a beginner, but you have natural talent and ability so you should definitely keep going.

Stop worrying about money. The Queen of Coins will not let you starve. This person might be a loving partner who values your work and is willing to support you and give you the time and space you need in order to create. Even if you want to make money from your creative work, do not place your emphasis on earning money. The love part must come first. Love what you do. 

I see a potential benefactor watching you. The Queen of Coins is no fool, this person knows magic when she sees it, even if you are new to the experience of creating whatever it is. As long as you approach your work with curiosity and wonder, what you do will be seen as valuable. Use your creativity, you have oodles of it. Whoever is watching you grow appreciates your enthusiasm and willingness to play with your tools.

Your experimentation will lead to a new world opening to you and you will begin to see the world in a much different way. It’s important for you to truly value your ideas because they are original and they reflect who you are. Pay attention to what you are creating and watch it flourish over time.

A project that starts from a place of experimentation has the potential to transform your life as well as others. What do you think about changing someone’s perception of the universe? That’s a tall order! It only takes one other person to seeing you as a twinkling star in the sky and to comment on your sparkle for other people to be able to see you. What do you want others to see?