New Moon in Capricorn: Discipline, Organization and Preparation

It’s nice to take a bit of a breather the first week into the New Year! We all have the right to create some space for ourselves, to conserve our energy, to protect our resources and to rest. December is always so busy with the hustle and bustle of  the holidays. Many of us overspend financially and socially, giving a lot of our energy and power away.

As we start a new year, we are able to start fresh. To recharge and to reboot. And just days into the new year, we have a New Moon in Capricorn encouraging all of us to reclaim our power and to shake off any disappointments from the previous year. It’s not too late to set some intentions.

The New Moon in Capricorn encourages us all to take a simple and practical approach and to be conservative with our time and energy in the next moon cycle and to extend that effort over the coming months. We are going to need that energy to build a solid empire and to lead. Set the tone for 2019. What are you willing to share? This year will be very productive for us. Set some lofty goals. Be disciplined and organized. Clean, clear and prepare a space. What’s your goal? It’s a good time to strategize. Take the next few weeks to create the space you need for your ideas to take shape and to manifest your vision of the coming year. If you don’t know already, take a look at your natal birth chart and see how Capricorn affects you. You can get a free copy of your natal birth chart from Astro. Which house is Capricorn in? Are there any planets that affect the placement? Maybe this will give you some clues about how to proceed in the new year.


I refreshed my own alter with my New Moon in Capricorn wishes. What about you? Do you have some lofty goals this year? 

2015 New Moon in Leo: Hear Me Roar

Strength tarot image
It’s time to own your power.

The Leo new moon on August 14th is a powerful change agent, encouraging you to take risks and control your destiny. Be courageous! Think and act as those born under the astrological sign of Leo do: take charge, own your creative power and passionately pursue your vision from a place of confidence knowing you are meant to be a leader.  Use A Little Magic If you want to use a little magic with this new moon and bring your unique world view into reality, set some simple and clear goals. Intention is an effective and powerful tool. Sit for a moment and write a list outlining your wishes for the next month. Your wishes will have the greatest chance of success if your goals are in alignment with the cosmos and some Leo attributes: be direct, confident, independent, and energetic.  Seek Community Support Leo, the lion is part of a pride, he knows you can accomplish more with community support. Share your power by being loving, supportive, encouraging, and loyal to those around you. When you share your ideas you generate excitement and enthusiasm within your community. If there are any nay sayers who are part of your tribe, it’s time to give them the boot and to recognize who is truly supporting your vision. Surround yourself with people who will encourage and support your abundance and success in this world. Take Action In the coming weeks you might take a cue from one of the queens of tarot and make this Leo new moon magic work to your advantage. Think and act as the: Queen of Swords — Use your communication tools and the power of persuasion. Research. Analyse. Write it all down. Defend it. Have a spine and champion your cause (but don’t talk it to death). Speak your truth. Teach it. Queen of WandsFormalize your list of goals and take action accordingly. Be persistent. Get to work. Use raw energy and stamina. Where are you directing your energy? Queen of Cups — Use heart-forward communication. Be patient, compassionate, and kind. Queen of Coins — Have a gathering. Be visible. Be social. Attract some attention. Be generous. Have some fun!

Strength Tarot Card Rider-Waite
Strength Tarot Card Rider-Waite

Meditate on the Strength Tarot Card In tarot, the astrological sign of Leo is represented by the Strength tarot card. As you think of ways to utilise Leo energy in the coming weeks try meditating with the Strength tarot card. In a nutshell: There is femininity and sensitivity to the Strength tarot card and it deals with themes of power, control, patience, acceptance, virtue, and confidence. Many tarot cards that represent Strength show a cultured woman who is taming a ferocious lion with her hands. This woman isn’t scared, she’s patient, gentle, loving even when presented with adversity. The Strength card serves as reminder that some battles are your own and other people cannot help you. The woman in the image relies on her own instincts; she has a backbone and stands alone with her own coping strategies. We all stand alone at some point and have to face our fears head on. This card advises you to: be patient, persistent, and to be true to yourself. Stand on your own two feet with your head up and your heart out, and use the simple tools of self-love, self-acceptance and self-reliance to create the self-confidence you desire and the change you want. You can achieve anything. I know you deserve whatever it is you want to create. If you would like to learn more about how to make this Leo energy work for you in your life, please join me at What’s Upstairs this Sunday, August 16th from noon until 3 PM for some magical tarot readings. Space is limited, so reserve your spot! –Traci Goodrich