New Moon in Capricorn: Discipline, Organization and Preparation

It’s nice to take a bit of a breather the first week into the New Year! We all have the right to create some space for ourselves, to conserve our energy, to protect our resources and to rest. December is always so busy with the hustle and bustle of  the holidays. Many of us overspend financially and socially, giving a lot of our energy and power away.

As we start a new year, we are able to start fresh. To recharge and to reboot. And just days into the new year, we have a New Moon in Capricorn encouraging all of us to reclaim our power and to shake off any disappointments from the previous year. It’s not too late to set some intentions.

The New Moon in Capricorn encourages us all to take a simple and practical approach and to be conservative with our time and energy in the next moon cycle and to extend that effort over the coming months. We are going to need that energy to build a solid empire and to lead. Set the tone for 2019. What are you willing to share? This year will be very productive for us. Set some lofty goals. Be disciplined and organized. Clean, clear and prepare a space. What’s your goal? It’s a good time to strategize. Take the next few weeks to create the space you need for your ideas to take shape and to manifest your vision of the coming year. If you don’t know already, take a look at your natal birth chart and see how Capricorn affects you. You can get a free copy of your natal birth chart from Astro. Which house is Capricorn in? Are there any planets that affect the placement? Maybe this will give you some clues about how to proceed in the new year.


I refreshed my own alter with my New Moon in Capricorn wishes. What about you? Do you have some lofty goals this year? 

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