Weekend Tarot Forecast 12/28-12/30


5 of Swords || 6 of Wands || Knight of Cups

As 2018 comes to a close, it looks like you are ready to leave the sword fight behind. The 5 of Swords speaks to me of arguments with others coupled with the sense of needing to be right. Sometimes the need to be right can come from a place of ego. Is it kind, is it necessary to say even? Who cares? What do you gain by proving you are right? What if you simply lay down your own sword and walked away? Sometimes others feed off negative interactions. If you come from a place of integrity and choose to disengage from the battle, you might walk away with so much more. It can be exhausting and time-consuming to constantly react to other people’s ego trips and projections. Think about how you want to feel. Don’t take on other people’s anger or toxic energy. Enough is enough. Have you been feeling angry, frustrated or tired? It takes a lot of energy to fend off other people’s negativity and ill will. Maybe your own happiness is more important. I see happiness and community waiting to embrace you and move you forward on an important journey. It’s your next step.

When you walk away from an argument, you walk towards another group who will fully embrace and accept you for who you are. You are moving into 2019 with power. The Six of Wands speaks to me of authenticity and leadership. There is already a group who really appreciates your contribution, your energy, your enthusiasm and they see you as someone who is able to lead. Everyone has the potential to mentor or teach another person. Why not you? Work on developing your inner self-confidence. Don’t listen to the nay sayers or the conflicting voices inside your own mind. Stay true to yourself and move forward with grace, integrity and power. Your tribe has your back. You have the ability, deep down you know you do too.

Let your heart guide you. What adventure does your spirit want to take you on? The Knight of Cups tells me there is more than a hint of friendship, love and connection on this journey. Lead the way! There will be no shortage of friendship. It looks like you’ve made the decision to move away from relationships that don’t inspire you or feed your soul. Good on you!





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