Five Day Tarot Forecast 1/14 -1/18

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4 of Cups | Queen of Cups | Page of Cups | 8 of Cups | Knight of Cups

This week’s Five Day Tarot Forecast feels like a gift to the water signs of the Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Use your time this week to get in touch with how you truly feel. If you are not a water sign, try to emulate one. What would a water sign think, feel, or do in this situation? Is this week an invitation to be vulnerable and to honor your intuitive gifts?

This week looks like the perfect time for you to put the brakes on and to reflect on your life. What have you done so far, and where do you see yourself in the future?

Sometimes we need some rest to get in touch with those bigger ideas of self and dream up what a successful life looks like. Meditation is perfect for those who are trying to develop their intuitive gifts and to explore creative potential. Don’t be limited in your definition of meditation. Sometimes a walk by the ocean, or time spent drawing or journaling can be just the type of meditation you need. I think it is more important to find solitude and do the things you do when you are alone. Intuition is for everyone, not just the select few. You can develop your gifts and be able to use them with a high degree of success with some patience and practice. The messages you receive will lead you into a creative and inspiring future.

Monday: With the 4 of Cups leading the week, others or you might perceive yourself as dragging your feet on an important choice, but really you are just patiently waiting to receive the right answer. Should you do it? It might be important for you to think things through, to process and to gain some clarity on the bigger picture and sometimes that bigger picture begins with reflecting on what you created in the past. You are not stagnant. You are not stuck. You are cataloging your “good faith” efforts, the ones you’ve created up until this moment. 

Sometimes you need quiet and solitude to see all of the possibilities that are before you. And the truth is, you have nothing but options available to you, so don’t limit yourself in any way. You can claim your past efforts of success as your own in a very powerful way, but when you look to the future think about how you might do things differently even if you take simple steps to get there. My sense is, you are going to be using today to reflect and to meditate and to heal, but you will be positioning yourself to reach for a different goal.

Envision yourself in your life. Are you glowing with self-esteem and success? Are you happy? Do you feel passionate about what you do? Write about or draw a picture of the best version of yourself today. Or if you don’t feel inclined to write or draw, find some inspiration in nature. Take a walk a long a river and wait to receive the answers you need. The import thing is to be in solitude. Look for a water source. Your questions will be answered, but you have to make the effort to get the answer you want and take the first simple step to create your new future. Trust yourself. Let your intuition guide you.

Tuesday: By Tuesday you have a better sense of how best to use your intuitive and creative gifts. Use what has happened in your life so far as the raw material to create. Your experiences make you who you are. You can take what you’ve learned and transform it into something creative, helping yourself and others at the same time. Your ideas might help others to get in touch and process their own emotions. 

Maybe the best version of yourself, is the Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups is someone who is able to be in this intuitive and creative world, someone who lives this richly textured spirit-filled life and the community that is created from this experience inspires you. Like attracts like. When you are deep and intentional you attract others to you who share a similar philosophy. Pay attention to your vibration.

When you lighten your thoughts, and raise your energy and awareness to be kind, loving and thoughtful, you will see that your whole world does the same. Does the best version of yourself show someone who is sensitive, loving, caring and thoughtful? You might not think of yourself this way, but others sure do. 

Wednesday: By Wednesday you’ve made your choice. You might feel inexperienced or like a beginner in some way, but shake it off. You are experimenting and playing. The most important thing is to bring your sense of curiosity and wonder. You appreciate simple beauty. Teach others to see it and respect it. There is so much value in what you are creating. The Page of Cups tells me you will receive the intuitive  nudge to create something new. Today is a good day to play and work with intention. Beginner’s mindset is a blessing. Start with something small. Start with something simple. Simple is beautiful. Allow others to see you appreciating work that is simple, beautiful, meaningful and  filled with raw intuition.

Thursday: You’ve always been brave even if you have moments when you don’t trust yourself or your instincts feels off. The 8 of Cups tells me, you’ve made your choice to move on and that by trusting yourself you can bravely step into a heart-filled future of your choice. You are saying yes to honoring what is right for you. Sometimes you say yes, by saying no to what doesn’t work for you. Don’t be scared to start over. When you get correct with your heart, you get correct with what is right for you. Stay true to yourself and your decision and watch how things transform and take shape during the next moon cycle. The tide is changing, you control your destiny. 

Friday: The Knight of Cups tells me that by the end of the week, even if you feel confused or wonder if it was the right decision, you will make the choice from your heart. You are ready for your creative and intuitive work to grow and expand. Small efforts this week will lead to greater emotional satisfaction and fulfillment.



Weekend Tarot Forecast 1/11-1/13

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The Moon | 3 of Wands | 5 of Coins

The presence of the Moon tells me you might be navigating some choppy emotional waters this weekend, but don’t allow what you are experiencing to consume you. You might feel confused, or be wondering: Is this it? I’ve come this far and this is what I get? Maybe you are thinking, you don’t have all the answers and you are confused. Maybe you are feeling a significant emotional pull that leads you back to the same place each and every time. What does all this mean? Yet, you are not in the same place, you are advancing, you are learning and you are now in a position to be more discerning from what you have  seen and experienced.

Just because you have a connection to another person or group of people, doesn’t mean you need to be consumed by their emotional challenges or experiences. Is what you are feeling truly your own? The plight of the empathic person is to separate the emotions of self from other. We all see more and we all feel more, but is it necessary to sink into another person’s depths if we don’t have to? You can be sympathetic and supportive, but you don’t have to make another person’s emotional challenges your own. Everyone has their own emotional work to do.

Did you know that carrying another person’s emotional burden is a type of enabling? Give it back to them. Even if it’s in a letter you never send. You might say: “I tried my best to be supportive and to truly be there for you, but in the end what I took on emotionally and energetically was too much for me to bear. It made me feel isolated and alone. I have my own emotional work to do. I have my own shadow to explore. I have my own karmic debt to pay. This time, I might be working hard to create balance in my own life and to prove to others I can be trusted and that I am worthy, but I have to feel that the people I work with trust me too, they need to know I have their back. I also have to feel that others are pulling their own weight, otherwise I stay stuck and it’s harder for me to grow and evolve. I am here to be challenged. I take action in order to change my circumstances, knowing I have what it takes to create the type of world I want to live in.”

You are not alone. If you feel like you are struggling to support yourself or others, the 3 of Wands in the center tells me you are valued and you are needed for everything to run smoothly and effectively. People need you to be part of a team effort. Maybe you are struggling under the weight of having to support other people in your environment. Part of your effort might stem from fear of the unknown or fear of not having enough. You are strong enough to handle your own part but don’t let fear sink you. Your skills are valued and needed.

The 5 of Coins can feel like a curse, but don’t let fear of instability control you. Take action. Stay humble. If you need help, ask for it. Work on grounding yourself. Get back to the basics. Sometimes you need to work on the foundation before you can reach further. If your foundation has cracks, repair them. To the best of your ability stand on your own two feet, but if you can’t fall back onto another person, even if that person is a sympathetic stranger. Again, you are not alone even if you feel unsupported or lonely. Ask for help.