Five Day Tarot Forecast 5/6-5/10

Five Day Tarot Forecast(14)

The Magician | The High Priestess | 9 of Swords | 10 of Cups | 3 of Wands

Don’t let worry or fear hold you back from going after what you want. Sometimes the voices in your head are simply that – voices in your head. Ground your mind and ground your body in reality. The more you can be conscious of this moment, the happier you will be. If you have been struggling with sleepless nights and worry about the future, stop.  Pay attention to your sleep. Drink pure water. Eat lighter food. Cut out unnecessary stimulation that makes you feel “amped up”. You have the ability to cut away what isn’t healthy for you. Even if you start with a vision of yourself cutting it all away. It begins in your mind. Once your mind knows you can do it, it will become your reality.

You have all the tools you need to move forward with your intention: passion coupled with inner knowing. What more can you ask for? You also have a community holding a place for you and they want to see you succeed. Your effort will be supported.

You might have a lot on your plate. Are you juggling work with family life? In today’s world, it feels like everyone must multitask. You might feel a heavy sense of duty and responsibility for those around you. Maybe there are a lot of people who are relying on you. Again, take things day-to-day. You do amazing work. Keep doing it. Younger people will have something positive to say about how you were creative, organized the details and explained things in a unique way. Some will consider you a mentor.

Monday: The Magician. You have the responsibility of communicating your passion. With every tool available to you, creating a magical life should not be a problem. You are grounded in your creativity and you have the ability to create your own security even if others have not been able to provide for you. Maybe that is your lesson. Do you have to do everything yourself? Let your emotional experiences inform your decisions. Maybe your work helps you heal. Stay active, take action. You have the ability to heal and regenerate from any challenges that come your way.

Tuesday: High Priestess. Receiving the gift of inner knowing isn’t passive work. You might stay in an active “resting position” in order to receive the information you need, but trust me, you will be working hard. In order to become all knowing or all seeing you are going to have to slow down and pay attention to the details. Trust what you cannot define. Are you waiting to truly understand where your power comes from? You might be waiting a long time. Just trust that it’s there. 

Wednesday: 9 of Swords. You might be struggling with the messiness of it all. Maybe it’s time to clean house. What needs to be cut away? Sometimes what needs to be cut away are unrealistic expectations of ourselves, the critical inner voice and self-judgement. What is your internal programing? What are you saying to yourself? How can you feed your mind something a little lighter, a little more joy-filled, a little happier? You are doing your best. 

Thursday: 10 of Cups. We built all of this and in the process we created safety and security, and we learned to be ourselves, to trust and to truly love each other. Let your community help you relax. The people around you, see the best version of you. Your friends might be able to look at you honestly and tell you what they love most about you.

Friday: 3 of Wands. You might feel a high level of responsibility for the people around you. Know you are valued and your work is important. You will learn more about yourself as you teach others. It’s important to take yourself seriously. You are doing really great work.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 5/3-5/5

Weekend Tarot Forecast(14)

8 of Coins | 4 of Wands | Temperance

You might have a reason to celebrate. Over the coming weeks you could be putting the finishing touches on a class presentation. Maybe you are writing a senior thesis or putting together an exhibition of your work. It feels like a group effort. I see people working independently as they advance toward a common goal.  I see both conventional and unconventional systems of learning. Some are students preparing for graduation while others might be self taught and advancing to the next level within their own careers because they’ve put years of study into this work. I see you’ve put the time and effort in. This work comes easily and naturally to you because you’ve learned the rules even if you choose to break them within the presentation of your work. You might teach others a new skill or a new way to experience this work.

Others want to see a high level of expertise and organization even if you present new or unconventional ideas.  You are in a position to showcase your talent, to prove your ability and to step into the role of master. Others want to celebrate your achievement too. Look to your community for social support and comradery. You might be meeting your future colleagues. Others have seen your work over the years and they are in a position to speak well of you. There might be people in your environment who want to work with you on your next project. Network with others who want to move in a similar direction. You might fit in really well with a small group and have something important to offer this group dynamic. Stay open.

I see people stepping into the role of healer. Maybe you are graduating from nursing school or medical school, or maybe you are making advancements in an alternative healing field such as holistic nutrition, yoga, or energy work. The focus is still on healing and helping others see or create the bridge that assists with the process of creating balance within their own body and making steps to stay healthy and well. What kind of work assists with healing and brings balance to the human condition? There are no shortage of answers. Think about ways your work helps others to heal from the inside out. Think about how your work is necessary and truly needed in this world. How might you do things a little differently? The world needs people who are compassionate and who are willing to use innovative techniques to help others with the healing process. Show others the way. Think of what you have to offer. You are the perfect match for someone out there. 

Alternatively, after all of your hard work, you might be in a position to finally rest. Take a break! An exotic trip might be just the type of healing you need.