Free Tarot Reading: Lessons from the Trammps and Robert Frost

A tarot reading for someone out there! Is it you?

Deck used: Luigi Scapini’s Medieval tarot

The Tower     The Chariot     Queen of Swords

Burn it down to the ground, baby!

The 3 D’s: Desire, Determination, and Direction

Good fences make good neighbors

Let’s break it down, shall we? 

Oh boy! When I see the Tower in a reading I immediately think Anarchy! Or, I at least think of the song, Disco Inferno (listen to the Trammps version here). I know, little anarchists everywhere are bristling at the comparison between the status quo being burned to the ground and a disco reference, but I’m doing it!

When you are presented with the Tower you must: think on your feet, look for humor or deeper meaning where you can get, and rise above judgment by taking a risk to get things moving again.

The presence of the Tower implies something is coming your way that will shake things up and some type of change will make a lasting impression.  Are you moving? Did you lose your job? Did you get injured? Did someone close to you get hurt?  The good news is dramatic events can be very enlightening. Sometimes seemingly unfortunate events manage to steer you in the right direction, but with fresh insight and a new sense of freedom. When your house is on fire, sometimes the only thing you can do is watch it burn, but the one thing that is usually left is the foundation. You can use this foundation to build something new. How can you prepare yourself for the challenge of real change? How do you want your life to really look?

It is no surprise to see the Chariot in this reading as we are in full swing with the Year of the Horse. The Chariot card comes up for people all the freakin’ time. The lesson: You are in the driver’s seat now and you are being pushed to own your power. When obsolete structures are removed what do you see? Is the path clear? It will be necessary for you to react with some haste. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way. The presence of the Chariot card implies that you are in control and have the ability to chart a course that has power and meaning. It’s time to set things in motion. The Tower experience might be the catalyst that you needed to move forward. The time to respond is now.

The presence of the Queen of Swords implies that you can look at your life events with honesty and humor. The Queen of Swords is a breath of fresh air because she doesn’t mince words, she calls it like she sees it and sometimes that is exactly what is needed. You can trust that she will handle any situation with integrity.

Some friendly advice: If you are presented with a situation in which you must communicate with someone who has different ideas or values than you, it’s going to be important for you to be clear, direct, and concentrate on the facts. You don’t have to lay all of your cards on the table; choose your words carefully and model appropriate behavior using key social skills. Think neutrality, listen respectfully and be courteous.

The expression, “good fences make good neighbors” comes to mind, as it is brought to life in Robert Frost’s poem, Mending Wall, in which two neighbors come together to repair a wall, but the implication is they come from different walks of life. In my mind, the wall is a great metaphor that reminds us to maintain healthy boundaries by meeting in a neutral location and upholding some social niceties. What would a good neighbor do? When you are put into a position to fix what is broken, do you take the bull by the horns and get the job done? Where are healthy boundaries necessary and important in your relationships?

Are you a good neighbor (friend, coworker, sister)? When a necessary structure in life is altered do you patch it up to look the same or do you create something entirely new? If you are building something with another person, do you respect their ideas and values? How do clear boundaries help you and when do they get in your way?

Getting Witchy With It: Communicating with the Living and the Dead

With all of the cultural and spirit-driven holidays occurring this weekend ranging from the playful to the ritual, it might be meaningful for you to take some time this weekend and think about what you’ve learned and continue to learn from lost loved ones and express gratitude. Whether  or not you celebrate any of the holidays — Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints Day or Day of the Dead — this weekend is a great half-way point for reflection and meditation on the cycle of life and death. The take-away will inspire you for months to come. I promise you this.

Ask the tough questions: What old way of being needs to die? Where is your weak spot? What habit needs to be broken? What karmic family pattern need to be released? Even though the pattern is not serving you anymore, what have you learned from it?

fall ritualJPG

Tarot deck used: Morgan Greer tarot

Ask lost loved ones to help you answer the tough questions and see if you get a response. Meditation is a powerful tool.

Write down the messages you receive on a piece of paper and burn it to symbolically release the old way of being.

Halloween also acts as a social kick-off to a holiday season that will last until the end of this year. As the days get shorter, darker and colder and we prepare for the winter months physically, mentally, and emotionally many of us retreat indoors to be with our community. Keep yourself warm and snug by making meals, talk about favorite family meals from childhood, tell stories from the past, look at old photographs and simply remember days gone by.

November is a strong month for remembering the dead but also communicating with the living. How you communicate will be important at social and family functions.

A tarot card that keeps coming up for many people for the month of November is the Queen of Swords. People who are represented by the Queen of Swords are clear communicators, they think things through, use a direct and strategic approach with their communication and have clear boundaries. Boundaries are so important when it comes to celebrations and social functions. What kind of boundaries do you uphold for yourself at this time?  Remember that it is ok to set time limits around how long you stay at social functions. You can also choose who you interact with and for how long. If there are some social niceties that need to take place, be cordial and stick with the facts during communication and skip the stories that create drama.

Your work? Strive to laugh more and bitch less. Rise above it.

For the month of November, I will be doing tarot readings that tackle tough communication questions with family, friends and coworkers. If you want to learn more about navigating tricky social functions or family/work drama seek me out.

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