Five Day Tarot Forecast 12/17-12/21

The week ahead tells me you should focus in on a few areas. If you are an adult, there will always be a bit of juggling when it comes to your work, family and self-care, but try to balance it out this week. I see you choosing three areas: Maybe you start the week with your actual work and get feed back on an important project, then spend a few days focused on yourself doing the heavy work: cleaning, clearing and releasing what no longer serves you (I know the expression “release what no longer serves you” is all over the place, but it 100 % fits in this context). If you spend the time on yourself you will have the energy for a gathering this Friday.


deck used: Smith-Waite Tarot 

Sure, we all have to juggle our work and family life with our creative efforts, but we also need to make time and space to clean, clear and release anything that is related to our shadow in order to make the space for a new year and a shiny new light-filled you in 2019. As you bring 2018 to a close, you do not have to bring everything or everyone with you, and you don’t have to bring a lifestyle or thought pattern that doesn’t benefit you either. What do you need to shed? What can you do without? If you’ve been deep into some shadow work this year, some type of ritual is in order. Make the time and create the space to let a little light into your heart. Take care of yourself.

Monday (11)

Monday: 3 of Coins

You have something important you are about to reveal. You’ve worked hard on it for many years, but you are about to put your best foot forward and you will become much more visible by doing so. You are stepping up your game. As more people see you and you become more visable,  there is no need to over-explain why you made certain choices or why things look a certain way, your work will speak for itself.  There is something refreshing about someone who is able to receive a compliment or criticism and be humble about it. I know your opinion matters most about your work, but learning how to accept another person’s opinion gracefully is a skill. Continue to pay attention to the details of your work and fold in the information you receive. Some of the new information will be constructive criticism, take what feels valid to you and release what seems unnecessary. Keep going. Stay consistent. You have your own voice and your own style.


Tuesday: Death

I love the expression: You can’t step into the same river twice. Do you know why? Because a river is always changing, it grows and it flows. Flowing water continually refreshes and renews itself just as you should.

Feeling stuck? Put your work away and focus on yourself. When you wake up, make a huge batch of a simple tea and include: piping hot water, lemon, ginger, honey and turmeric (in whatever portions you feel are appropriate for your taste buds). Eat 2 or 3 piece of fresh fruit and have a hardboiled egg. Then choose a room in your house to clean and get to work. Maybe it’s your kitchen. Get rid of stuff you don’t want or need. Maybe you have old cookware or dishes you never use. Look in your refrigerator and throw away any old food, expired items or ice cream that’s been in the freezer for a year. Look in your cupboards and do the same. Throw away ancient spices and stale crackers. Then clean your kitchen really well using warm water and mild soap. Sprinkle in some rock salt and rosemary if you wish. Focus on the thought of getting rid of what you don’t want in your life while you are cleaning. This can even be a person who is bad for you or a thought pattern that isn’t healthy. Clean and clear, clean and clear, clean and clear. Make space for something new to emerge. Once your kitchen is in order make a simple vegetable soup for yourself using a rainbow of vegetables, vegetable broth and plenty of garlic, ginger, turmeric and lemon. When you get hungry, eat this throughout the day. Sip your tea throughout the day.

Wednesday (11)

Wednesday: The Hermit

After yesterday’s external and internal cleaning it’s time to get quiet and wait for some messages to be revealed. If you have a quiet space in your home you should go to it. Maybe you have an altar there, you should refresh it with some of your intentions for the new year. Maybe you have a yoga practice or want to do some stretching. It’s a good time  for reflection. You now have the head space to quietly observe and let go. Some things might have happened this year that created some pain and sadness. Let it go. You don’t need it anymore. You can learn from it and you can definitely teach from it, but don’t carry any sadness or pain into the new year.


Thursday: The Empress

You are still working on self-care. Take a bath with some epsom salts and give yourself a mini pedicure when you get out. Choose a special outfit that reveals your special sparkle. You don’t have to look good for anyone but you. Look good for yourself. Put your best foot forward. You might feel inspired to create. Maybe you buy some beautiful flowers to be a centerpiece for your table or decide to make your home feel extra warm and inviting. Nurture yourself and then you will have the energy to nurture others. 

Friday (11)

Friday: 10 of Cups

Happy Solstice! Make time for friends and family today. You’ve done a lot of soul-searching this week and you are feeling refreshed from the work. You’ve created the emotional and energetic space to let some people in. Create some special memories with your family. Share a cup of holiday cheer. Express  gratitude to those who know you and love you best. Shine a little more light into your own heart. 

How did your week turn out? Did the cards ring true for you? What would happen if you made the decision to create space for yourself? To focus in on just a few areas? Let me know how it turns out in the comments!

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