Five Day Tarot Forecast 3/4-3/8

five day tarot forecst(13)

King of Chalices | Justice | 3 of Pentacles | 5 of Chalices | The Hermit

As we come upon the New Moon in Pisces I can’t help but feel the Prisma Visions Tarot is the appropriate tarot deck to work with. This deck has such a Piscean vibe with its swirls of color, light and movement captured in every image and emotion you can feel easily. Doesn’t that seem to reflect Pisces energy?

A message for one reader has a heavy emotional vibration. I see an ending with a water sign might be formalized in court. The Justice card often speaks to me of contracts signed, and balance that is created by others that focuses on what is fair to both parties (Is a divorce being finalized? Are you dividing assets? If children are involved are you seeking custody?). This ending might leave you with the feeling that you have loved and lost. Is there a sympathetic counselor in your environment? Now is the time to reach out for assistance. You don’t have to process all of this on your own. Seek out some traditional talk therapy. Crying is therapeutic. You can rebuild. This time with the appropriate boundaries in place.

Monday: King of Chalices. Monday might serve as a day to release a floodgate of emotions. Pisces season is upon us. You don’t need to sink into and experience every emotion you feel, especially if it is not yours to begin with. Try to create a little distance between you and your feelings. What is coming up for you right now? The King of Chalices has mastery over his emotions. Do you? Today is a good day to practice some good psychic/emotional/energetic hygiene. Close the emotional circle. Feel your feelings but leave the feelings of others at the door. Protect your emotional space. Be sympathetic and intuitive without drowning in empathy.

Tuesday: Justice. Who do you need to cut cords with or who is cutting cords with you? Be aware of the people who form unhealthy attachments to you. Who are what is clinging to you and why? The best relationships involve healthy boundaries, open communication, and ethical behavior. A healthy relationship is not parasitic, where one party feeds off the other. Healthy relationships represent two people who are fed, nourished and energize by each other. Looks for relationships that are mutually beneficial. Who replenishes your energy and who simply takes?

Wednesday: 3 of Pentacles. Protect yourself. Ground your energy and shield yourself from energetic vampires. What have you learned about self-protection? Review the basics on grounding and centering yourself, meditation, and shielding yourself from those who want to feed off your intuitive and healing energy. People need to ask before they are granted access to your emotion and intuitive gifts. Create the necessary boundaries and create the space. If you have a healthy foundation you can have healthy relationships. Do not skip these important steps.

Thursday: 5 of Chalices. Actively work to release emotions that no longer serve you. What would happen if you just let go and let those feelings fall away? Would you be able to pull back and recognize you are now in a place of truly knowing and understanding your situation? What did you learn?

Friday: The Hermit. Is there someone in your environment you can trust with your secrets? Go to them and share your experience. You need to unburden your emotions and allow another person to reflect back all the good they see in you.



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