Five Day Tarot Forecast 4/15-4/19


Wheel of Fortune | The Devil |4 of Cups | 10 of Cups | 6 of Wands

You might be feeling stretched thin, but if you put the proper boundaries in place with your time and resources you will be supported. Advice for many of us: You will achieve great success when the timing is right. You don’t have control of time or how your actions are perceived by others. Put your best foot forward. How do you want to be seen? Reveal the most authentic version of yourself. There is no shame in vulnerability, but you get to decide who is going to see you.

Limit distractions this week (that’s the boundary component). If you feel drained by your lifestyle or interactions with particular people (no matter how exciting they may be), put yourself first. Repair any energy leeks inside of yourself. It’s not selfish to spend time repairing your own energy. Bring everything into balance. If you’ve been feeling burned out emotionally or energetically, pay attention to the people who nourish you versus those who deplete you. Not every acquaintance is worth pursuing as a friendship. Be aware of your tribe. Who wants you to succeed? And who simply wants to be close to you because you are attracting the most attention? Align your chakras. Seek out some energy work or any movement that brings you into alignment: acupuncture, yoga, massage, chiropractic or even simply stretching.

Monday: The Wheel of Fortune. You do have control of the wheel of destiny with your choices and actions. So, be in control of your fate. There is a proper sense of timing for everything you desire. Be conscientious about your choice at this time. Some will lead to great success, while others will be dead ends. That’s part of the life experience. Remember, even failure can catapult you to success when you take action with your next idea. Let any perceived failure serve as a lesson. Take care with your life. Create the one you want to live.

Tuesday: The Devil. Pay closer attention to the people who have your best interest at heart. You don’t need to exposed yourself to just anyone. You might have some work to do when it comes to boundaries and being discerning with who has access to your world. What should be concealed and what should be revealed? The beauty of this card is what we choose to expose and to whom will be different for each and every one of us. It’s not right or wrong. It’s your choice. You get decide what you feel comfortable doing or exposing. You are moving on to a different aspect of yourself. You’ve learned some lessons and you do feel older and wiser even if only 6 months has passed. Let your innocence and desire for experimentation serve as one your greatest lessons.

Wednesday: 4 of Cups. You might be feeling drained or depleted. Don’t let unnecessary distractions steal your vital energy. Pay attention to your body. What feels right? If you need to take some time off, do it. Not every idea is worth jumping on, if the effort makes you feel like a shadow of your former self. There is no shortage of creative projects. Only do it if the idea has meaning to you, otherwise pass at this time. There is a lot of boundary work happening. Sometimes we have to say no to things we really want in order to preserve our energy for something even greater.

Thursday: 10 of Cups. Social distraction. Be aware of who lifts you up and fills your cup to overflowing with their selflessness and support. Sometimes group interactions can deplete us even if we enjoy being part of group. There might be a very good reason for you to have your head in the clouds, but if you are going to be distracted by another person, let that person reflect back the most grounded and stable version of yourself. Who values you? Who feeds your soul?

Friday: 6 of Wands. What have you done that is worthy of attention and support? Who is cheering you on? Not every acquaintance should blossom into an inner circle friendship. Keep your circle small and closed. Pay attention to authenticity. Who are your real friends? Whose ideals are in alignment with your own? Who radiates the most uplifting energy?

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