Weekend Tarot Forecast 7/5-7/7

weekend tarot forecast (1).JPGQueen of Cups | Judgement | 10 of Pentacles

Your intuition is spot on this weekend. Listen to yourself and follow through with your plan because what you are working on will lead you to success and financials security. It will be important for you to communicate your ideas with love and compassion. What you are working on must come from the heart. People will perk up and take notice when you choose to convey what is closest to your heart. A sensitive and creative water sign might be in a position to help you make your dreams real. Remember that actions encouraged by your spirit will bloom into something for a greater audience to enjoy. This work will flow through you naturally, like an “effortless talent”. The only requirement for success is that you listen to guidance from within and respond to the call to action you are receiving. You are now in a position to cultivate a natural talent and to be known for what you do. Your roots will grow much deeper in a community you are already connected to.  Don’t miss this opportunity, the universe wants to support your dreams. Make every opportunity and connection count. What you are experimenting with will grow and become your life’s work and it will support you. You will become known for this work and you will be known by your community as someone who has done their due diligence.  You will be known as someone who is willing to take risks but also someone who is simply willing to do the work! There is something to be said about someone who puts effort into community building as well. Do not forget that important component with getting what you desire. Connections and community matter.

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