Weekend Tarot Forecast 7/19-7/21

weekend tarot forecast (18)

8 of Swords | The Moon | Page of Cups

It is an escapist mindset that will keep you feeling as though you are in survival mode and it is an escapist mindset that will encourage the thought that you are unstable, unsafe and without options. But this actually isn’t the case. There are plenty of options available to you and plenty of opportunities to establish safety and security for yourself. It starts with recognizing and reaching for stable footing. I see someone who is grounded in illusion and emotion. It’s easy to feel confused about your choices if you are in a haze. Sometimes drugs and alcohol keep us in that haze, sometimes it’s other people who recognize we are easily swayed. You are an incredibly creative person with no shortage of ideas. Your job is simply to recognize and work with one of the ideas that come naturally to you. Only you have the ability to remove the blinders that keep you from truly seeing the options that are available to you. You are a powerful force. You are not without options, even if circumstances within your environment would have you believe your choices are limited. It’s limited thinking that limits choices. Find stable footing and you will be closer to the safety and security you desire.

Sometimes we can recognize there are choices but feel overwhelmed by all of the options. Other people can also pull us in different directions if we allow ourselves to be manipulated by allowing other people make choices for us that are not right for us.

Which choice is going to stabilize you? Who is going to help come out from the haze and see your true potential? What make you feel safe and supported? What do you need to do to think more clearly and to see all of the options that are available?

You have one idea or opportunity that shines a little brighter than the rest. Give this idea a chance to shine.

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